Colour, Health, Hope: Art installation offers colour as a tool for mental health

Pink-v2 credit jacquie-comrie
PINK | Playfulness, compassion, brings joy and warmth. Calms and nurtures intuition. 
Effects on the body: increases energy, pulse. Can also bring peace, relaxation and comfort. © Jacquie Comrie
Red credit jacquie-comrie
RED | Power, action, passion, energy, strength. Sympathizes, calms, nurtures, intuition. 
Effects on the body: increases energy, attention, motivates, encourages and stimulates the mind. © Jacquie Comrie
Orange credit jacquie-comrie
ORANGE | Warmth, youth, optimism, positivity, enthusiasm, joy. Effects on the body: provides emotional strength, encourages creativity, uplifts and stimulates the mind. © Jacquie Comrie
Yellow credit jacquie-comrie
YELLOW | Happiness, optimism, positivity, intellect, enthusiasm, joy. Boosts creativity and curiosity.
 Effects on the body: encourages communication, stimulates the nervous system, helps with memory and concentration. © Jacquie Comrie
Green credit jacquie-comrie
GREEN | Harmony, balance, health, growth, safety, nature.
 Effects on the body: Revitalizes, provides mental and physical relaxation, encourages, brings peace. © Jacquie Comrie
Turquoise 2 credit jacquie-comrie
TURQUOISE | Calmness, peace, positive mental energy. Clarity, cooling. 
Effects on the body: clear thought and increased concentration, calms and recharges energy, calms the mind. © Jacquie Comrie
Blue 2 credit jacquie-comrie
BLUE | Peace, security, protection, loyalty. 
Effects on the body: relaxes, brings calmness and relaxation to body and mind. © Jacquie Comrie
Purple 2 credit jacquie-comrie
PURPLE | Spirituality, wisdom, enlightenment, creativity, imagination.
 Effects on the body: inspires, uplifts, encourages and calms the mind, raises and stimulates mood, provides a sense of spirituality, encourages creativity. © Jacquie Comrie

If you come by the National Arts Centre, you may see a spectacular array of colours and imagery on the Kipnes Lantern.

The NAC recently commissioned the art installation called Colour, Health, Hope from Jacquie Comrie, an acclaimed Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist. Centred on colour, this vibrant, visually powerful installation was created as a tool for wellness and hope during a difficult time.

Colour, Health, Hope features eight unique creations, each of which centres on a particular colour, its associated attributes, and effects on well-being.

“With a surge of COVID-19 cases across the globe, and cities back on lockdown, this holiday season will be an incredibly challenging, isolating time for many of us,” Comrie said.

“We continue to experience loss, grief, isolation, racial injustice and uncertainty of the future, while also finding ourselves at the wake of a new light of consciousness. Colour, Health, Hope speaks of regeneration and the power of resilience through a year of deep challenges. This work will transform the Kipnes Lantern into a space for light, positive energy, hope, mental reset, elevation, and visual therapy for everyone.”

Originally from Panama and now based in Toronto, Jacquie Comrie’s work intersects contemporary art and wellness at a global scale, using colour as a medium of social impact and mental health. Whether as murals on buildings, large scale structures (such as Toronto streetcars) or canvases, her body of work explores colour as the universal language of human emotion. Her art has been commissioned by galleries and organizations nationally and internationally.

“We are honoured to showcase this beautiful artwork by Jacquie Comrie,” said NAC President and CEO Christopher Deacon. “Its message of resilience, hope, and the centrality of mental health to our well-being echoes the performing arts’ power to inspire and heal. We hope Jacquie Comrie’s work will bring comfort during this difficult holiday season, as it invites us all to look forward to a brighter, more colourful 2021.”

Follow the NAC on social media to see photos of Jacquie Comrie’s inspiring art installation on the Kipnes Lantern and digital displays. Does colour affect your well-being? Is there a colour that speaks to you personally?

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