Chloé Lacasse performs her show LUNES at the NAC Fourth Stage

Montreal based singer and songwriter Chloé Lacasse has been active on the Quebec music scene for almost a decade now. She presents a rich and purposeful fusion of indie, folk, classical and ambient rock influences to create her alternative pop music.

Xavier ForgetNAC Presents Associate Producer, had the pleasure of talking to Chloé about her upcoming concert at the NAC on April 15. As her tour is coming to an end, she will be performing her show LUNES at the Fourth Stage for one of the last times. She has been on the road for the past two years with two of her musicians Vincent Carré and Geneviève Toupin, with whom she developed a true connection. After being awarded the “André (Dédé) Fortin” prize last year which came with a grant, she will now be starting the writing process for her third album!

Tickets: 20 $

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