Blackie and the Rodeo Kings Answer Some Burning Questions

On November 9, NAC Presents Producer Simone Deneau welcomed students from Discovery University, a community partnership with The Ottawa Mission, to a special Q & A session with Blackie and the Rodeo Kings before their show. © Jennifer Covert
When asked “Does being a musician make you feel like you have a regular 9-5 job?” Stephen Fearing answered that he’s got to pay the bills just like everyone else, he just picks up a guitar to do so. © Jennifer Covert
Colin Linden talked about how inspiring it is to work with talented Canadian musicians like the Harlan Pepper, the opening act that night--he believes they are the future of roots music in Canada. © Jennifer Covert
Tom Wilson mentioned that some of his earliest influential albums included Neil Young’s Harvest and Gordon Lightfoot’s Sundown © Jennifer Covert
One of the participants in the course, entitled “Music and Popular Culture” asked what inspires the musicians. The answer was “Willie P. Bennett, The Band, Howlin’ Wolf, John Martyn, Muddy Waters and our families, every day.&a © Jennifer Covert
Program Coordinator Jill Zmud talked about how she is happy to forge this partnership between the NAC and Discovery University. © Jennifer Covert
Students Wendy and Shelley were both very excited to attend the Q & A as well as the concert. © Jennifer Covert

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