A Space for Everyone

Lauren Barthe (pictured third from left) and her children attended a free morning performance by Ottawa Stilt Union. © Luther Caverly

Visitors of all ages are tickled pink with the four new stages in the stunning National Arts Centre addition. Lauren Barthe (pictured third from left) and her three children recently attended a free morning performance in front of the Glass Thorsteinson Staircase by theatre company Ottawa Stilt Union. The show included colourful acrobats and a giant walking tree, which got lots of laughs from the capacity crowd of delighted youngsters. After the presentation, Barthe declared the show and new space as “beautiful”. The Staircase, as well as the other programming spaces – the Faris Stage, the Rossy Pavilion and the Atelier Shenkman Smith – have become a bright and welcoming gathering place for everyone. Welcome to the living room of the city.

Prélude magazine – Your Scene
Fall 2017

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