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CAPSULE: A new Video Dance Series

© Esie Mensah Creations

CAPSULE was a community-responsive platform hosted by the National Arts Centre Dance Department in close collaboration with F-O-R-M and Dumb Instrument Dance.

60 short films created by Canadian dance artists were made available to experience from May 3 to August 31, 2021.

In reply to an open call, 139 artists submitted films created between March 2020 and March 2021, a capsule of time that inspired passionate and innovative short film creations from dance artists across Canada.  

We are grateful to CAPSULE’s selection committee, artists Angie Cheng, Karla Etienne, Brian Solomon and Tamar Tabori, who had the challenging task of selecting the final 60 films. Their care and consideration were invaluable.  
A few words from Angie, Karla, Brian and Tamar about their selection process: 

It was a privilege and honour to be part of the CAPSULE selection committee, to view the wonderful work of so many colleagues.  

We worked with immense respect for all the different ways in which artists choose to express and create. We valued the differences in what we witnessed and saw inherent value in all the films. We began with the best intentions and as things unfolded, we considered questions around what is represented, around what scales are being tipped, around what Capsule is holding space for. Although there was no formula for selection, we were often guided by a collective wish for intersectional representation.  

We know that there is room for improvement. There always is. We wished that CAPSULE could have housed all the films and if anything, this pilot project has shown us the real potential and hope for future iterations that will continue to reach, support and share the work of artists. 


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