September 21, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
NAC Orchestra

Virtual Musical Adventures for
Young Audiences

workshops and concerts for ages 3 to 8

Family programming Music Workshops

Les athlètes de la flûte à bec © Antoine Saito

The NAC Orchestra is pleased to offer a series of virtual workshops and concerts guaranteed to ignite your creativity.

Families are invited to participate in a series of interactive workshops before each virtual performance, led by a professional musician who will teach elements of the music your family is about to enjoy. The workshops are livestreamed virtual sessions that combine pre-recorded and live instruction. You can choose to join a workshop or a concert—or both! 

Note that workshops and concerts are usually offered in English or French, with the exception of the concert Le Grand bal de Noël which will only be offered in French.

These series are recommended for the 3-8 age range.

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