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A sparkling, crazy, cosmic season!

Francophone Family programming Theatre

© Dominique T Skoltz

NAC French Theatre’s Enfance/jeunesse season of programming for children and youth offers some surprising experiences ranging from the touching to the unusual. Onstage, off-site and online, performances, activities and more await children, teens and their families. 

Visit secret places, boogie to the rhythm of crazy costumes, tour a museum at night, shrink to the size of ants to enter a miniature theatre, catch the thousand whispers of a forest, and ride the sound wave of the BIG BANG Festival. 

Working with a multitude of wonderful and unclassifiable creative partners, Mélanie Dumont, French Theatre’s Associate Artistic Director of Youth Programming, has put together a season of shows to colour our interiors, stretch our minds, and direct our hungry eyes toward multiple and shifting landscapes. We’re just waiting for you!

Read Mélanie Dumont’s season message!

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