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Co-hosted by the Royal Danish Library and the NAC Orchestra as part of SPHERE, the second edition of this ambitious international collaboration is a not-to-be-missed speaker series focusing on the implications of climate change and a warming North for geopolitics and human civilization as we know it.

About Arctic Imagination 

Arctic Imagination is a multi-year, interdisciplinary transatlantic collaboration between cultural institutions, libraries, and museums that sheds light on the transformation of the Arctic as a powerful symbol, an inspirational landscape, and a geopolitical factor. In 2017-2018, national libraries in Nuuk, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo, together with the New York Public Library, combined their creativity, experience, and archives to create a joint platform for discussing one of today’s most pressing issues: the melting ice in the Arctic region and the impact of climate change on human civilization.

Presented as part of the NAC Orchestra’s Sphere Festival.

There are currently no upcoming events. More will be announced soon!

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