National Culture Summit

The Future of the Arts, Culture and Heritage in Canada

Canada’s arts, culture and heritage sectors play a fundamental role in building a stronger, more cohesive, and resilient society. These sectors are not only significant drivers of Canada’s economy, but also critical contributors to Canada’s identity and wellbeing. Arts, culture, and heritage create connection across differences and provide a forum for intergenerational, intercultural and international exchange and understanding. They help us create meaning and forge a stronger shared identity based on shared values. However, to achieve these beneficial effects, there needs to be a renewed and shared understanding of these sectors’ fundamental roles and value, a coming-together to enable common goal-setting and targeted action. This is the opportunity that the Summit presents.

The National Culture Summit: The Future of Arts, Culture and Heritage in Canada will mobilize these sectors around positive economic and social outcomes for Canada and discuss ways to support their own recovery and long-term growth and competitiveness. The Summit will bring together leaders from across the country from these sectors for a national conversation on resilience, sustainability and transformation of the arts, culture and heritage sectors in Canada.

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