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Experience musical brilliance and transformative performances as Music Director Alexander Shelley mesmerizes with his profound artistry, leading your esteemed NAC Orchestra.   

Upcoming events

  1. Richard Strauss’s tone poems depict epic tales and ask life’s big questions . … read more

  2. Canadian violinist Blake Pouliot, a classical music phenomenon. … read more

  3. NACO joins forces with the OSQ, the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, and sensational guest pianist Kevin Chen for the final stop on a multi-city tour.   … read more

  4. A portrait of Latin America in all its splendour. … read more

  5. Online personality and violinist extraordinaire Ray Chen has redefined what it is to be a classical musician. … read more

  6. Presented by Audi

    Beethoven's Ninth

    & Shelley conducts Andrew Balfour and Anna Clyne

    A radical work that introduced singing into a symphony for the first time—and what singing it was! … read more

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