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Troupe Vertigo

The boundaries of artistic expression are shattered when the NAC Orchestra collaborates with dance, theatre, and multi-disciplinary artists. Witness the inspiring convergence of orchestral grandeur with the powerful movements of dance performers, the infectious beats of pop artists, and the awe-inspiring acrobatics of circus acts, creating an unparalleled series of events that redefine the Southam Hall experience. 

Upcoming events

  1. As part of our Sessions series, NAC Popular Music & Variety is honoured to welcome Lisa LeBlanc live in Southam Hall with the NAC Orchestra! Shortly … read more

  2. A modern take on the story of Snow White, replete with all well-known characters — the  miners, the wicked stepmother, the witch, and of course the prince … read more

  3. A pulsating beat of humanity in our social symphony perpetually under construction, this new work unfurls a storm of bodies, sound compositions and immersive visual … read more

  4. Experience it now, projected in HD with the NAC Orchestra performing John Williams’ iconic score live to picture.  … read more

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