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Francophone Theatre

Caroline Robert & Vincent Morisset © Studio AATOAA

Reality hasn’t yet taken dreams hostage. Come and face—and above all, dream—the world with us. You’ll see and hear a quartet of dynamic performers who launch a political firebrand like a scream; a duo of female warrior/actors who deliver a moving testimonial that calls for a profound collective questioning; a woman at the microphone who tells the story of a passion that is both intoxicating and liberating. 

You’ll meet a collective of nine young performers who explore shadows as a creative material in an attempt to shape the invisible. Equipped with headphones, you’ll enter a luminous elsewhere ruled by sound, smoke and light. 

You’ll travel back in time with Robert Lepage, who revives the memory of the illustrious painter Riopelle in the form of 30 dramatic tableaux, and Catherine Vidal, who transforms Chekhov’s iconic play La mouette (The Seagull) into a vast living laboratory. 

Upcoming events

  1. Marie Brassard invites nine young performers, all recent theatre school graduates, to explore shadows as a creative medium. The theatre is once again transformed … read more

  2. A woman at a microphone tells the story of an intense passion. In this dramatic monologue with the feel of a radio show, desire is both intoxicating and life-giving. … read more

  3. Four dynamic performers deliver this scathing indictment like a scream, that of writer Pierre Lefebvre. An abrasive declaration that denounces the brutality of … read more

  4. Le projet Riopelle

    Biography in living canvases by Robert Lepage / Ex Machina

    Unparalleled theatre wizard Robert Lepage rekindles the memory of the eminent artist Jean Paul Riopelle. In 30 living canvases, he explores the multiple … read more

  5. A show for all audiences, the timeless story of a whirlwind friendship between two young girls. Delicate and surprising theatre that touches our five senses thanks … read more

  6. It’s impossible to summarize The Seagull in a single idea; this sublime theatrical bird always eludes capture. With great sensitivity, … read more

  7. A 100% cathartic documentary play about Maude Laurendeau’s Kafkaesque journey through the maze of a system unable to make room for Rose, her autistic … read more

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