Mois de la Francophonie

Francophone Music Theatre Dance

Éloge du Chiac Disco © Mathieu Dionne

This series ended on Mar 31, 2024

Celebrate Mois de la Francophonie with various activities and shows in March and throughout the year. 

Francophone artists are celebrated at the NAC in March and throughout the year! Shows, videos, podcasts, and family activities – dive into rich Francophone programming to celebrate the Mois de la Francophonie.

Mathieu Dionne’s playful illustration is featured on the NAC’s Kipnes Lantern in March. Learn more about the artist, what inspired his style, and his connection to Lisa LeBlanc!

Upcoming events

  1. In-person
     © Caroline Robert et Vincent Morisset - Studio AATOAA

    A 100% cathartic documentary play about Maude Laurendeau’s Kafkaesque journey through the maze of a system unable to make room for Rose, her autistic daughter. Humour, anger, and a hard…

  2. In-person Video

    Known for his sensitivity, generosity and talent, Guy Bélanger is admired for his ability to infuse virtuosity with authenticity. In 1974, Bélanger seemed destined for a career in …

  3. In-person
     © Katherine Levac

    Katherine Levac, one of the leading comedians of her generation, returns to the stage at last to entertain us. Her first show, Velours, got raves from audiences and critics alike, and her virtual …

  4. In-person Video
     © Maude Audet

    Over the past few years, Maude Audet has travelled the roads of Quebec with her music, touching people with her sensitivity and warmth. For her show, Il faut partir maintenant, it is in a polished …

  5. In-person Video

    A pulsating beat of humanity in our social symphony perpetually under construction, this new work unfurls a storm of bodies, sound compositions and immersive visual projections inspired by demographic…

  6. In-person Video
     © Caroline Robert et Vincent Morisset - Studio AATOAA

    A trio of girls with a rock-singer vibe cobble together a whole show, a little sensory theatre, using adhesive tape, household objects, sound machines and a whole lot of daring to hold it all…

  7. Cancelled Video

    Winner of the Félix Revelation of the Year and Indigenous Artist of the Year at the 2023 ADISQ Gala, and Révélation Radio-Canada 2022-2023, Kanen is a rising star on Quebec's …

  8. In-person
     © Lara Fabian

    Step into the enchanting world of Lara Fabian with the Je t’aime tour, an outstanding musical celebration of her timeless songs. Fall under the spell of her captivating voice, and lose …

  9. In-person
     © Pub Royal
    A LES 7 DOIGTS DE LA MAIN Creation


    The COWBOY FRINGANTS Musical Comedy

    Welcome to our place! Welcome to the wackiest bar in Quebec. Welcome to the universe of PUB ROYAL, the musical comedy from COWBOY FRINGANTS! Featuring some of the band’s greatest hits and …

  10. In-person

    Don Juan Music, dance and songs In a romantic and timeless Spain, hearts beat and break for Don Juan. Young nobleman with fierce beauty, the son of Don Luis unleashes passions: a cruel seducer, he …

  11. In-person
    Alice Ronfard-et-michel-tremblay

    A true theatrical event, La traversée du siècle sold out at the seven Montreal theatres that joined forces to pay tribute to the expansive universe of one of our most illustrious …

  12. In-person
     © Roch Voisin

    To celebrate the 35th anniversary of his album Hélène, the album that launched “Roch-mania” to amazing heights and reached Diamond album status thanks to more than a million …