June 30, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
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Decidedly Jazz Danceworks © Trudie Lee

#DanceForth, NAC Dance’s livestream series, supports and celebrates the Canadian dance milieu through residency and performance opportunities at the NAC and in partnership with performing art centres across the country. 

Due to restrictions across the country on access to rehearsal and performance spaces, the livestream broadcasts of the seven artistic events below have been postponed. Join us in September 2021 for a special week-long series of screenings to discover and connect with these highly-anticipated performances. Stay tuned for more details on specific times and dates.

Discover the works of creators and performers with a diverse range of expressions, techniques and styles as they share their rich and dynamic art form with you through live webcasts.  

Upcoming events

  1. #DanceForth presents

    Finding “Out”

    Bboyizm Dance Company/Crazy Smooth and
    10 Gates Dancing/Tedd Robinson

    What happens when you cross a performing artist and former zen monk with a West African-born self-taught B-boy, and situate them in an empty opera … read more

  2. #DanceForth presents

    suspending disbelief

    Decidedly Jazz Danceworks / Kimberley Cooper

    Co-presented with Springboard Performance (Calgary) suspending disbelief  is a series of shifting and morphing dance pieces created in and about this … read more

  3. Co-presented with Springboard Performance (Calgary) PLACE/Is a city written on this body?  is a solo trilogy of cities with significant professional, … read more

  4. Laura Taler brings us on a site-specific cinematic journey through the NAC’s theatrical underworld where the art of crafting private dreams is made public. … read more

  5. Co-presented with Dance Immersion (Toronto) in collaboration with Harbourfront Centre   Beyond Showbiz  is how we explore and push beyond our … read more

  6. Co-presented with Dance Immersion (Toronto) in collaboration with Harbourfront Centre   This contemporary dance work is an exploration of connection and … read more

  7. #DanceForth presents

    Ever Endeavor

    Ebnflōh / Alexandra “Spicey” Landé

    Ever Endeavor is the meeting of two intergenerational Hip Hop dancers: Sangwn, in his thirties, one of the best hip hop dancers in Canada, and Samuel, in his … read more

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