NAC Dance

Women who dare


BOW Jeon Misook Dance © BAKI

The creative power of women 

Celebrate inspiring women of the dance world who are making their mark on today’s artistic landscape.

These choreographers offer an authentic reading of current situations, sometimes political, sometimes social, but always necessary. From contemporary to ballet, in hybrid and fragmented styles, these are works that shine a spotlight on artists whose vital forces animate the choreographic scene. 

Upcoming events

  1. Inspired by Sami spiritual practices, demonstrations, and group dance, this piece is performed by seven female dancers with very different histories, each of whom … read more

  2. Korean choreographer Jeon Misook investigates the relationship between the bower and the person being bowed to, and how this tradition differs from one meeting … read more

  3. Under the artistic direction of choreographer Margie Gillis, the dancers come together to present two ensemble works where the audience witnesses the intimate … read more

  4. A stunning performance infused with pain, rebellion and hope bringing together a group of 12 dancers performing jagged, even broken movements. A powerful show that … read more

  5. A pulsating beat of humanity in our social symphony perpetually under construction, this new work unfurls a storm of bodies, sound compositions and immersive visual … read more

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