Fridays at the Fourth

Emerging Canadian artists

Tickets: $15/show | $10 for students 

Join us every Friday in the revitalized Fourth Stage, for fun, upbeat concerts in a casual atmosphere. Fridays at the Fourth will feature emerging artists from across Canada as well as local musicians. Come early to grab a drink before the show!

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    NAC Fourth Stage

    Formed in a basement in Ontario, Canada, in late 2012, BLAKDENIM blends genres like no Canadian act today. The group fuses hip-hop, funk, rock and soul with lyrical content that ranges from identity issues to daily issues, like picking yourself up after a bad day, perseverance, self-esteem and hope.

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    Tomato Tomato

    with Old Man Grant

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Lisa and John McLaggan agree to disagree, as to what ‘genre’ their duo actually is. You say Tomato and I say T-o-m-a-t-o… a jazz standard, became the inside joke, for this Chicago-New Brunswick, husband and wife unit. But we assure you they are far from calling the whole thing off.

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    Luke Nicholson

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Luke Nicholson’s debut album Mad Love, debuted on 2012, which spawned three CBC Radio 2 Top 20 singles and earned glowing reviews in Europe, most notably from Rolling Stone Germany who described Nicholson as a “young Elton John or Billy Joel.”

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    NAC Fourth Stage

    In fall 2011, Caracol returned to the studio to make her second album Blanc mercredi which was very positively reviewed by music critics and earned her a second nomination as Francophone songwriter of the year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2012.

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    Kayla Luky

    with Zachary Lucky

    NAC Fourth Stage

    After much positive response to Kayla Luky’s two last albums, she decided to further cultivate her music by working with award-winning producer Murray Pulver. The end result is Back To Dirt, featuring twelve new tracks soaked in alcohol, dirt and sorrow, honouring the roots of real country music.

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    Catriona Sturton

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Sings like an angel, plays like a beast. Rock and roll lover of Heavenly and the heaviest blues. After learning to file harmonica reeds in a back alley, Catriona toured Canada as the bassist for Halifax teen-rockers, Plumtree, who inspired the cult-favourite book and movie, Scott Pilgrim.

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    AHI and Dylan Menzie

    NAC Fourth Stage

    With his compelling, sprawling vocal range, a striking mix of familiar yet sophisticated musical lines and adept guitar skills, Dylan Menzie is quickly becoming one of Prince Edward Island’s prime exports. Few artists leave such an impression that you’ll never forget the exact moment you first heard them. With a voice like “gravel on silk”, Canadian songwriter and independent recording artist AHI is one of those rare finds. 

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    Émile Bilodeau

    NAC Fourth Stage

    A Granby Song Festival finalist and multiple prize-winner, Émile Bilodeau, with the solid backing of his band, will perform songs from his first album Rites de passage with the infectious pride, cheeky charisma and irresistible candour that are his hallmark.

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    Irish Mythen

    NAC Fourth Stage

    True power inspires awe, and Irish Mythen packs a lot of it – lyrical, musical, and personal – into a relatively small frame. Mythen is a globetrotting troubadour – an Irish-born, contemporary Canadian folk artist who’s been amassing accolades and achievements across several continents over the years.

  10. Play Sold Out

    Rebecca Noelle

    with Kayla Diamond

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Blessed with a searing three octave vocal range, Rebecca Noelle has had the privilege and versatility to try her hand at just about every musical style she wanted to over the years. But it’s her natural affinity for soul, that has set this stunning singer apart.

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    NAC Fourth Stage

    A multi-instrumentalist with a flair for songwriting, Samuele presents intimate, socially aware poems in a folk-rock style, with a heavy dose of blues. Whether performing on the guitar accompanied by her musicians, or just on her own as a one-woman orchestra, Samuele offers disarmingly honest shows that skilfully blend song and the spoken word.