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  1. Play

    Skye Wallace

    Fourth Stage

    Skye Wallace is what happens when a classically trained singer with east coast roots discovers punk rock in their youth and writes folk music that makes you feel excited. 

  2. Play

    Erin Costelo

    with Shannon McNally

    Fourth Stage

    Although she has been compared to icons like Carole King and Nina Simone, and opened for legends like Dr. John and Mavis Staples, Erin Costelo’s fifth studio album cements her status as an utterly inimitable voice in Americana music.Taking inspiration from sources as varied as Ryan Adams and Randy Newman, Sweet Marie is a genre-defying album that sounds at once timeless, timely and completely fresh.

  3. Play  © Martina Wörz

    Chilly Gonzales

    Southam Hall

    Chilly Gonzales, Grammy-­winning Canadian pianist and entertainer, aims to be a man of his time, approaching the piano with classical and jazz training but with the attitude of a rapper.

  4. Play

    Tara Shannon

    with Jessica Pearson

    Fourth Stage

    Russell Ontario’s Tara Shannon makes downhome country music that perfectly embodies the hard-working humility, sincerity and warmth of the Ottawa Valley. Bless with a bold and pure voice, Tara Shannon’s anthemic balladry would be the perfect soundtrack to a cold drink in a dusty bar on a hot summer’s day in the Valley.

  5. Play

    Shawn Jobin

    with Sam Faye, D-Track, Squerl Noir, DJ Unpier

    Fourth Stage

    Darkly poetic, Fransaskois hip hop artist Shawn Jobin combines literate social narratives over obsidian rhythms. The Trille D’or award winner has performed at countless festivals in Canada and worldwide, and has amassed a fervent fan base with his electrifying and hypnotic live performances!

  6. Play

    The Peptides are larger than life! Hailing from the national capital, the nine-member band is infamous for extravagant performances fusing funk and disco, all centered around rich vocal harmonies, theatrical choreography and bold visuals. We’re thrilled to welcome one of Ottawa’s most beloved bands to the National Arts Centre!

  7. Play The East Pointers © Jen Squires

    The East Pointers

    Azrieli Studio

    There’s a reason, beyond their dazzling musicianship and wildly entertaining live shows, that The East Pointers have connected with audiences right across the globe, making new, original roots music the hippest, most vibrant thing going.

  8. Play

    Few English Canadian singer-songwriters embody the word “anthemic” like multiple JUNO winners Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida (also of Our Lady Peace). Combining the couple’s penchant for incendiary balladry, MOON VS SUN is a collaborative project that brings together themes both light and dark, heavy and buoyant with the couple's unmistakable flare for performance!

  9. Play

    Sarah MacDougall

    Fourth Stage

    Whitehorse-based, Western Canadian Music Award-winning artist Sarah MacDougall is an up-and-coming artist known for her honest and poetic songs, passionate performances, and unique voice. Born in Sweden, 24 hrs Vancouver called her “one of the most promising exports out of Sweden since ABBA.”

  10. Play

    Safia Nolin

    Fourth Stage

    Literate, incisive, and unpretentious: Safia Nolin is perhaps one of Canada’s most idiosyncratic singer-songwriters. Within the spectrum of Quebec’s music industry star system, Nolin defies the norm, offering a purity and humility rarely seen on, or off stage. Winning the 2017 ADISQ award for best female singer-songwriter of the year, Safia Nolin continues a furtive rise, offering modernist folk that’s as straight-forward, as it is poignant.

  11. Play

    Holly Cole

    Babs Asper Theatre

    Since her 1990 debut, Girl Talk, Holly Cole has remained one of Canada’s most beloved jazz vocalists of the modern era. Often favouring minimal arrangements, her playful and elastic vocal style have endeared her to audiences worldwide. Supporting her latest album “Holly”, NAC Presents is beyond honoured to welcome a true national gem to Canada’s stage.

  12. Boyhood

    Fourth Stage

    When Caylie Runciman started calling herself Boyhood, it was a nod to childhood nostalgia. Seven years later, the alias – and the beguiling bedroom anthems – are one and the same. Tough-kid guitar grit and deadpan verses give way to whimsical synthlines and delicate harmonies. But like an off-kilter merry-go-round, or a candy shop in a seedy part of town, there’s a shady layer to Runciman’s perfect pop. Her black magic is raw – equal parts ecstasy and heartbreak. And in among the bright colours, there’s the joy and the pain in knowing what it means to grow up.

  13. Play

    Jeffery Straker

    Fourth Stage

    Anchored by literate narratives and sprawling melodies, pianist Jeffrey Straker has carved out a unique place for himself among Canada’s singer-songwriters. The son of a Saskatchewan auctioneer, Straker’s theatrical delivery is simultaneous flamboyant and genuine, recalling early Honkey Chateau-era Elton John, with the earthy goodness of Jackson Browne. A staple of CBC Radio, Jeffrey Straker’s latest album “Dirt Road Confessional” embodies the heart of the travelling musician, juxtaposed against the human desire for stability and lasting love. 

  14. Play

    Jayme Stone’s Folklife

    Azrieli Studio

    Stemming from the Lomax Project, Jayme Stone’s Folklife treats old field recordings not as time capsules, but as heirloom seeds passed down from a bygone generation. Planting these sturdy seeds in modern soil, this versatile gathering of musicians has cultivated vibrant Sea Island spirituals, Creole calypsos, and stomp-down Appalachian dance tunes for contemporary listeners. Their concerts and educational programs are moving, inventive, and participatory experiences that prove folk songs are indeed perennials for the people.

  15. Play Bahamas


    with Tim Baker (Hey Rosetta!)

    Babs Asper Theatre

    Exquisite joy, and the spaces in between: the music of Bahamas embodies the the myriad reflections of a life lived without restraint. Over four albums and a hot little decade, singer-songwriter-guitarist Alfie Jurvanen has established himself as one of Canada’s most poignant storytellers, a loyal disciple of R&B, a modernist troubadour, and not to mention superlative axe-man. His 2018 album “Earthtones” has been a critical and commercial bonfire.

  16. Play

    Philippe Brach

    Azrieli Studio

    Citing influences as broad as Harmonium, Frank Zappa, Mr. Bungle, and Radiohead, Philipe Brach’s expansive folk-rock is firmly planted in 70’s psych. When he amps it up, irreverent narratives collide with woozy guitar solos, and vertiginous jam outs. At his most delicate, atmospheric string arrangements accompany literate song-poems not unlike British folk hero Nick Drake, or psychedelic-pop maverick Scott Walker. We are thrilled to present this rising star of Quebec’s art-folk underground!

  17. Play


    Fourth Stage

    Hailing from the north shore of the St. Laurence, Matiu stands on the far side of all things processed and artificial, where serenity meets grit. Embodying a unique dichotomy, Matiu explores everyday themes through multiple lenses, from the city to the reservation. From the community of Mani-Utenam, he looks outward, channeling his people’s history and future. With his sandpaper vocals his explores both sides of every coin, fully accepting life’s unpredictability, regardless of the odds.

  18. Play

    Kalle Mattson

    with Only Yours

    Azrieli Studio

    Although rooted in the cadences and trajectories of the singer-songwriter, Kalle Mattson has evolved into a veritable pop wunderkind, wielding pristine synths, as masterfully as he does acoustic shimmer. On the strength of 2014’s critically-acclaimed album “Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold”, Kalle Mattson has quietly positioned himself as once of Canada’s most distinctive voices in pop. His breathy tenor flirts with falsetto, carrying emotive narratives with grandeur and vulnerability. His highly-anticipated new album due out in 2018.

  19. Play

    Jordan Officer

    Fourth Stage

    Originally making his mark in the Susie Arioli Band, Jordan Officer has left an indelible mark in Canadian jazz and blues guitar landscape. An alchemist of vintage styles, Officer radiates passion for rock n’ roll’s great legacy, while putting his own coins in the jukebox. Jazz, blues and classic 50’s rock n’ roll all find a home in the hands of this modern master !


    He was also ADISQ’s 2010 Felix-award winner for Album of the Year.

  20. Play

    Elizabeth Shepherd

    Fourth Stage

    A disciple of classic hip-hop and R&B, pianist/songwriter Elizabeth Shepherd represents the new face of modern jazz. The four-time JUNO nominee’s soulful compositions are as cerebral as they are sensual. Shepherd collaborated with legend Herbie Hancock for acclaimed album “The Signal”, she has been the only jazz vocalist long-listed for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize.

  21. Play

    Cody Coyote

    Fourth Stage

    Cody Coyote is quickly becoming one of Ottawa’s most recognizable and inspiring hip hop artists. Of Ojibwe/Irish descent, his fiery performances fuse profound lyricism with inspiring narratives drawn from his observations on modern life, while paying homage to his Matachewan First Nation ancestry. Coyote’s most recent album “Mamawi” (“All Together” in Anishinaabemowin) explores ideas of positive change through togetherness, love and unity.

  22. Play

    Irish Mythen

    Fourth Stage

    True power inspires awe, and Irish Mythen packs a lot of it – lyrical, musical, and personal – into a relatively small frame.

    Mythen is a globetrotting troubadour – an Irish-born, contemporary Canadian folk artist who’s been amassing accolades and achievements across several continents over the years. Her presence and charisma simply command attention, and regardless of where she takes the stage, she delivers a sonic and emotional experience that transcends language and location; that reaches the very core of what connects us. It’s an experience that, in recent years, has earned her spots performing alongside Rod Stewart, Gordon Lightfoot, and Lucinda Williams and billings on major festival stages the world over.

  23. Play
  24. Play

    Gordon Lightfoot

    Southam Hall

    Let’s not mince words here: Gordon Lightfoot is a national treasure. Outside of Canada, he’s a certifiable legend; but these are just words.

    With a voice as big and brazen as the maverick career he carved out for himself, Lightfoot laid the foundation for english Canada’s contemporary songwriters, like Bahamas, Feist, and countless others. Currently marking five decades on the road, Gordon Lightfoot was a defining figure in the international folk-rock movement that dominated popular music from the mid-60’s to mid-70’s.

  25. Play

    Pilou – aka Peter Henry Phillips

    with Sam Harvey

    Fourth Stage

    Pilou aka Peter Henry Phillips is a versatile creator who has made a name for himself in recent years as a musician, singer-songwriter, producer and films music composer. 

  26. Play

    A Tribe Called Red

    Babs Asper Theatre

    Emerging from Ottawa’s underground club scene in 2008, A Tribe Called Red has transformed the contemporary electronic music landscape. ATCR combine dubstep, modern hip-hop, and eclectic vocal sampling all integrated with traditional pow wow drums and Indigenous song. The JUNO-award winners have collaborated with Yasiin Bey (AKA Mos Def), Saul Willaims, Lido Pimienta and many more, as well as having performed at seminal festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo, AfroPunk and countless more.

  27. Play

    François Jalbert & Jérôme Beaulieu

    Fourth Stage

    Already familiar through several notable projects, François Jalbert (of Joel Miller, John Jacob Magistery) and Jérôme Beaulieu (Bellflower) present a dazzling repertoire of acoustic swing from Romanian-infused traditional folk to artful bluegrass. Their debut collaborative album “This Is A Real Place” was released in the fall of 2017 to critical acclaim. Dynamic and expertly played, Jalbert and Beaulieu present truly breathtaking, modern acoustic jazz.

  28. Play

    The Once

    with Megan Bonnell

    Babs Asper Theatre

    Over the course of the last decade, The Once have writ and knit themselves into Newfoundland’s storied history of exceptional songwriting. Geraldine Hollett’s pristine and effortless vocals lilt, harmonious balanced by her bandmates Phil Churchill and Andrew Dale. The result is a rare chemistry that sets them apart from the swatch of minimalist folk ensembles. Touring on their latest album “Time Enough”, NAC Presents is thrilled to present the return these award-winning troubadours.

  29. Play Sold Out

    Tanika Charles

    Fourth Stage

    In a few short years, Polaris Prize-nominated Tanika Charles has transformed from a promising emerging artist to a commanding performer, and staple of the Canadian soul scene. Charles delivers heart-pounding, modern soul that steers clear of retro clichés. With a million dollar smile and irrefutable charm, the Edmonton-raised singer tackles her autobiographical subjects with aplomb and vulnerability: if Tanika’s singing it, she’s lived it.

  30. Play

    The Good Lovelies return with their immensely popular Christmas show again this year to bring joy and good cheer into your holiday season. Sure to be a sell-out!

    Audiences have been falling in love with the Good Lovelies for the past ten years. Winners of the 2010 JUNO Award for Roots Album of the Year, and nominees for the same award in 2012 as well as four-time winners at the Canadian Folk Music Awards, the Good Lovelies have been making waves across Canada. Touring life also takes these women across the United States, the UK, Europe and Australia.

  31. Play


    Fourth Stage

    Through myriad projects, Elisapie has established herself as a true Inuit icon. 

  32. Play

    Abigail Lapell

    Fourth Stage

    Toronto songwriter Abigail Lapell draws freely from folk-roots, indie and punk rock traditions. Her latest album, Hide Nor Hair, won the 2017 Canadian Folk Music Award for Contemporary Album of the Year. Produced by Chris Stringer (Amelia Curran, Timber Timbre) and released by Coax Records, this gorgeous, subtly bold collection of modern folk songs showcases Lapell’s “haunting voice and impeccable guitar playing” (CBC) alongside a talented cast of collaborators. Hailed as a folk/country artist to watch by NOW

  33. Play

    Cécile Doo-Kingué

    Fourth Stage

    An exceptional stage presence, guitarist/singer-songwriter Cécile Doo-Kingué blends blues, afro-roots and soul to create a unique sound. Powerful and raw with an exceptional stage presence, she is a force of nature whose lyrics and sound make for an enthralling and intimate experience.

  34. Play

    Slack Bridges

    with Rita Carter

    Fourth Stage

    Embodying the best of vintage soul, 60’s R&B, and fusion jazz-funk, Ottawa’s Slack Bridges are quickly becoming one of city’s most beloved party bands. Their fervent live performances feel like a summertime block party, joyful and unpretentious. Their first full-length "Joy of Joys" was released in late 2017. 

    Rita Carter

    Tenacious, and achingly pure, singer-songwriter Rita Carter is a powerhouse of acoustic soul. A beloved fixture in her hometown of Ottawa, she balances her music career leading workshops, and organizing community events. At the heart of Carter’s music lies an inextinguishable belief in compassion, and a tireless quest for peace.

  35. Play


    Fourth Stage

    Escorted by a banjo and a parlour guitar, Moonfruits’ soaring harmonies captivate listeners and celebrate common ground. Partners on and off stage, they summon music from a place where ideals and imagination intertwine.

  36. Play


    with the NAC Orchestra, special guest My Brightest Diamond

    Southam Hall

    Approaching 20 years as a band, and with a storied catalogue including their seminal 2007 album “Set Yourself On Fire”, Montreal’s STARS have made a career telling the tales we keep in the darkest, and most hopeful parts of our souls. NAC Presents is honoured to welcome this legendary art-pop collective live in Southam Hall with the NAC Orchestra!

  37. Play

    This holiday season join Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy, the award-winning fiddle virtuosos, in an intimate and unique Christmas concert series you will never forget. With the duo accompanied by an incredible array of talented session musicians – and their entire family – A Celtic Family Christmas will guide you into the wonderful world of a true Cape Breton Christmas celebration. “This tour is going to have an energy that goes beyond the duration of the show,” says Natalie MacMaster. “I want it to stay with our fans throughout the holidays, and beyond.”

  38. Play

    Sultans of String Christmas Caravan

    with special guests Rebecca Campbell and Kellylee Evans

    Azrieli Studio

    From Romanian-jazz to flamenco and beyond, the award winning Sultans of String are Canada’s mutable masters of global string music. They return to the NAC to expand traditional notions of holiday music with their new, genre-hopping disc, “Christmas Caravan”. On it, they combine Quebecois fiddle tunes with a traditional Turkish string ensemble, re-imagine classic pop songs by the Andrews Sisters, go on a Himalayan sleigh ride, and much more. This is Christmas as you’ve never heard it, honouring countless global perspectives, and performed by some of the world’s most renowned players.

  39. Play

    Christmas with Matt Andersen

    and friends

    Southam Hall

    Blessed with titanic pipes and monumental spirit, Matt Anderson is without a doubt Canada’s crowned-prince of soul-infused blues-rock. Anderson lights up Southam Hall this season in support of his incendiary new album “Honest Man”.

  40. Play

    The Christmas List

    Le Trio BBQ & Le quatuor Vox A4

    Azrieli Studio

    The inexplicable magic, joy, and romance of Roma-swing jazz! Join Trio BBQ for a revelatory holiday show like no other. Vocalist Katerine Desrochers, percussionist Véronique Boucher, and the VoxA4 quartet add that swing to Christmas classics, and whisk you off to another time in faraway lands for a night of musical revelry!

  41. Play

    Johnny Reid: Home for the Holidays

    with the NAC Orchestra

    Southam Hall

    NAC Presents is thrilled to welcome one of Canada’s brightest stars for two spectacular nights in Southam Hall, joined by the NAC Orchestra!

    Johnny Reid has built up a ravenous audience worldwide with his irrefutable charm, smoky tenor, and formidable on-stage presence. Over an illustrious career spanning more than a decade, the JUNO Award winning singer-songwriter has amassed an extensive catalogue of hit songs, album sales totalling over 1.5 million units in Canada, countless awards and multiple sold out national arena tours. 

  42. Play

    Rant Maggie Rant

    Azrieli Studio

    Since their debut in 2008, RANT MAGGIE RANT has consistently won over audiences at festivals, folk clubs, town halls, churches, concert halls and symphonic stages. The original goal was to take traditional Celtic music as the foundation, then liberally and unapologetically colour outside the prescribed lines. In a nut-shell, have fun!

  43. Play

    Patrick Watson

    with the NAC Orchestra

    Southam Hall

    As part of our new SESSIONS series, NAC Presents ecstatically welcomes Montreal’s inimitable Patrick Watson for a truly special, one-night performance with the NAC Orchestra.

  44. Antoine Corriveau

    Fourth Stage

    Critically acclaimed and SOCAN Song Award winner 2015 Antoine Corriveau redefines himself from album to album whilst imposing his racy song-writing style

  45. Play

    a musical tribute

    We Love Belafonte

    featuring Alex Cuba, David Myles, Florence K and Katie Moore

    Southam Hall

  46. Play

    Diyet & The Love Soldiers

    Fourth Stage

    Born in a tent and raised in a cabin on the shores of a glacial lake in the Kluane region of Canada’s Yukon, country-roots artist Diyet is a seamless amalgam of cultures. Via folk music and Aboriginal forms, she channels her various linages (Southern Tutchone, Japanese, Tlingit and Scottish) into stories and melodies deeply rooted in her Indigenous world view, and northern reality. The owner of a formidable voice, she performs as a trio with husband/guitarist/collaborator, Robert van Lieshout, and multi- instrumentalist, Bob Hamilton. Diyet’s music is an adventurous show and tell, effortlessly balancing modernity and tradition.

  47. Play

    Amanda Martinez is a singer-songwriter whose music exultingly blends her Mexican father and South African mother’s roots with Latin soul and folklore. Her sultry, bright vocals and upbeat sound get entire audiences on their feet around the world.

  48. Play

    Ben Caplan

    Babs Asper Theatre

    A charismatic charmer and a smasher of pianos. A madman and an earnest poet. A strummer of
    delicate chords and a lover of bent and broken melodies. Ben Caplan is not any one thing. As he
    releases his second album, he's already gained a following in more than a dozen countries from
    Australia to Europe and across North America. It's no surprise. Caplan is simply unforgettable;
    with his huge beard and unruly mane, he is as visually striking as he is aurally compelling.

  49. Steven Page

    with Port Cities

    Azrieli Studio

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