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  1. Play

    Bruce Cockburn

    Special guest Terra Lightfoot

    NAC Southam Hall

    One of Canada’s finest artists, Bruce Cockburn has enjoyed an illustrious career shaped by politics, spirituality, and musical diversity. His remarkable journey has seen him embrace folk, jazz, rock, and worldbeat styles. “My job,” he explains, “is to try and trap the spirit of things in the scratches of pen on paper and the pulling of notes out of metal.”

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    Pierre Kwenders & La Bronze

    Azrieli Studio

    Afro-Canadian singer/songwriter Pierre Kwenders’ music is a response to a world that so often asks people who fit comfortably in multiple boxes to pick only one. While Pierre’s music ranges from icy R&B to futuristic hip-hop, his style is rooted in Congolese rumba, the ubiquitous sound of The Democratic Republic of Congo.

  3. Play


    NAC Fourth Stage

    Formed in a basement in Ontario, Canada, in late 2012, BLAKDENIM blends genres like no Canadian act today. The group fuses hip-hop, funk, rock and soul with lyrical content that ranges from identity issues to daily issues, like picking yourself up after a bad day, perseverance, self-esteem and hope.

  4. Play

    Oh Susanna

    NAC Fourth Stage

    In a career spanning almost two decades, Oh Susanna has released seven critically acclaimed records noted for their contemplative, thoughtful, folk-inspired songs that transport listeners into an imaginary emotional landscape.

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    Sarah MacDougall

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Whitehorse-based, Western Canadian Music Award-winning artist Sarah MacDougall is an up-and-coming artist known for her honest and poetic songs, passionate performances, and unique voice. Born in Sweden, 24 hrs Vancouver called her “one of the most promising exports out of Sweden since ABBA.”

  6. Play

    Tomato Tomato

    with Old Man Grant

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Lisa and John McLaggan agree to disagree, as to what ‘genre’ their duo actually is. You say Tomato and I say T-o-m-a-t-o… a jazz standard, became the inside joke, for this Chicago-New Brunswick, husband and wife unit. But we assure you they are far from calling the whole thing off.

  7. Forward Music Group is an Atlantic Canadian artist management team and record label that works with musicians to create sustainability through composition and performance with a strong focus on aesthetics, presentation, and a grassroots approach to promotion. 

  8. Play

    Sarah Slean

    Azrieli Studio

    Some artists write because there is no other way – because for them the very act of living, searching and tending to their own souls produces music. Renaissance woman Sarah Slean is such an artist. In her distinctive voice we find an entrancing mix of spiritual hunger and old-world whimsicality.

  9. Play

    Kyrie Kristmanson

    Accompanied by Warhol Dervish Quartet

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Kyrie Kristmanson is a Canadian singer/songwriter, trumpet player, guitarist and scholar of medieval music. Modern Ruin, released in 2015, was met with universal acclaim as being the most “audacious and unusual contribution to the independent music scene of the year”. 

  10. Play

    Luke Nicholson

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Luke Nicholson’s debut album Mad Love, debuted on 2012, which spawned three CBC Radio 2 Top 20 singles and earned glowing reviews in Europe, most notably from Rolling Stone Germany who described Nicholson as a “young Elton John or Billy Joel.”

  11. Play

    David Myles

    Azrieli Studio

    From soulful, contemporary pop crooners to delicate, jazzy folk ditties, and down-home, back porch roots tunes to infectious hip-hop earworms, David’s only artistic constants are his always growing, shape shifting songwriting, and his exceptional ability to entertain.

  12. Play


    NAC Fourth Stage

    In fall 2011, Caracol returned to the studio to make her second album Blanc mercredi which was very positively reviewed by music critics and earned her a second nomination as Francophone songwriter of the year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2012.

  13. Play

    Erin Costelo

    NAC Fourth Stage

    East Coast Music Awards award winner, Erin Costeloʼs latest album Down Below, The Status Quo is a reflection of her (and our) complicated world, expressed through a voice unlike any other in Canada. 

  14. Play


    NAC Fourth Stage

    BEYRIES is a singer-songwriter and self-taught musician born in Montreal. La Presse’s Émilie Côté has described her music, saying that a peaceful strength springs from her voice and comforting melodies.

  15. Play

    Kayla Luky

    with Zachary Lucky

    NAC Fourth Stage

    After much positive response to Kayla Luky’s two last albums, she decided to further cultivate her music by working with award-winning producer Murray Pulver. The end result is Back To Dirt, featuring twelve new tracks soaked in alcohol, dirt and sorrow, honouring the roots of real country music.

  16. Play

    Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

    NAC Southam Hall

    Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, the Canadian music “supergroup” made up of celebrated veteran blues, roots, rock and folk musicians Stephen Fearing, Colin Linden and Tom Wilson, bring us the companion piece to their 2011 collaboration album Kings And Queens. Kings And Kings features some of the band’s best ‘guy’ friends from the world of roots, blues and country.

  17. Play

    Philippe B

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Critically-acclaimed singer-songwriter Philippe B makes timeless French classic pop tunes. Following the release of his third album, Variations fantômes (2011), he, along with the Molinari Quartet and a chamber orchestra, performed sold-out shows at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, Club Soda and Église St-Jean-Baptiste.

  18. Play

    William Prince

    NAC Fourth Stage

    William Prince is a JUNO-winning storytelling singer/songwriter from Peguis First Nation. William sidesteps clichés to provoke thought and facilitate discovery. His baritone vocals pay tribute to his late father and his genuine delivery acknowledges the hundreds of hours he’s spent on stage.

  19. Play

    Catherine MacLellan

    Azrieli Studio

    After releasing her debut album in 2004, Catherine MacLellan earned immediate critical acclaim, winning awards and being labeled “Critics Favourite New Discovery” by Penguin Eggs magazine in 2008.

  20. Play

    Andrea Ramolo

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Andrea Ramolo, one half of acclaimed Canadian folk-pop duo Scarlett Jane, has a new solo album, Nuda (Italian for naked).  The album emerged out of a deep depression following a romantic breakup and a shift in her artistic path; but brought about a hugely positive metamorphosis, personally and creatively.

  21. Play

    Shakura S’Aida

    Azrieli Studio

    Shakura S’Aida’s performing career first really kicked into high gear back in 2008, when she made a triumphant trip to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Competing against more than 100 other artists from around the world, she earned penultimate honours and put the music world on notice that there was a new rising new star to reckon with. 

  22. Play

    Catriona Sturton

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Sings like an angel, plays like a beast. Rock and roll lover of Heavenly and the heaviest blues. After learning to file harmonica reeds in a back alley, Catriona toured Canada as the bassist for Halifax teen-rockers, Plumtree, who inspired the cult-favourite book and movie, Scott Pilgrim.

  23. Play

    Sally Folk

    Azrieli Studio

    A self-taught singer-songwriter, Sally Folk creates a unique musical universe full of meaning, humour, energy and catchy melodies. Her expressive lyrics reflect the views of a modern woman on some rarely-expressed themes. She fearlessly explores uncharted waters to the surprise and delight of her fans.

  24. Play

    Harrow Fair

    NAC Fourth Stage

    One part stomping songs that echo early country and rock n roll, the other part gritty ballads that sound sweet and haunted, this duo’s evocative and rapidly expanding collection of songs is utterly foreign, oddly familiar and deeply gratifying.

  25. Play

    Jesse Cook

    NAC Southam Hall

    The Paris-born, Toronto-raised guitarist, composer, and producer Jesse Cook has spent two decades criss-crossing the world in restless pursuit of inspiration, innovation and collaboration. He is considered one of the most influential guitarists in contemporary music, incorporating elements of flamenco, rumba, jazz and many forms of world music into his work.

  26. Play

    Rhapsody Quintet

    Azrieli Studio

    For more than 20 years, Nova Scotia’s Rhapsody Quintet has thrilled and delighted audiences with its sparkling renditions of a wide range of music, including light classical, salon, musical theatre, jazz, tango, klezmer, movie music and more. 

  27. Play

    Klô Pelgag

    Azrieli Studio

    Klô Pelgag has made her presence felt in the Québec musical landscape almost like a Sybilline prophetess. The release of her second album, L’Étoile thoracique, has inspired her to pack up her creations and tour once more to the four corners of La Francophonie.

  28. Play

    Tomi Swick and Jessica Mitchell

    Azrieli Studio

    With the cathartic experience that sometimes only art can provide, through the good times and the bad, singer/songwriter Tomi Swick has music to salve his battered soul, mend his broken heart and restore his peace of mind. Country-folk songstress Jessica Mitchell is, at heart, a storyteller – an open book. 

  29. Play

    Nomadic Massive

    Azrieli Studio

    These musical nomads represent an open-minded Hip-Hop which finds its inspiration in the traditions of the past; combining live instrumentation, samples, and a wide array of vocal styles. This multilingual, multicultural, super-group has become synonymous with energetic and crowd-moving live shows.

  30. Play

    AHI and Dylan Menzie

    NAC Fourth Stage

    With his compelling, sprawling vocal range, a striking mix of familiar yet sophisticated musical lines and adept guitar skills, Dylan Menzie is quickly becoming one of Prince Edward Island’s prime exports. Few artists leave such an impression that you’ll never forget the exact moment you first heard them. With a voice like “gravel on silk”, Canadian songwriter and independent recording artist AHI is one of those rare finds. 

  31. Play


    Azrieli Studio

    Gadelle is a four-member, traditional French-Acadian band hailing from the Evangeline Region of PEI. All seasoned performers, Gadelle members play and dance with ferocity and conviction while putting on one heck of a show. 

  32. Play

    Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Bubbling up from the cauldron of roots Americana music, Samantha Martin is an artist of extraordinary power, gravitas and deep-seated emotion. As a songwriter, she draws on black gospel and southern soul with a hint of roots country and sixties pop while her lyrics suggest an old soul with wisdom beyond her years.

  33. Play


    Babs Asper Theatre

    Whitehorse’s brazen sonic breadth encompasses psychedelic surf, arid border rock, lo-fi ingenuity and icy 80’s sparseness. Luke Doucet’s Gretsch White Falcon and impeccable tone, combined with Melissa McClelland’s blazing vocals and badass P- Bass playing, have made the duo’s sound is unmistakably, inventively ‘Whitehorse.’

  34. Play


    NAC Fourth Stage

    Named one of the ‘Top 10 Artists to Watch’ by CBC Music, Iskwé’s (‘woman’ in Cree) unmistakable sound weaves her Irish and Cree/Dené/Métis roots with poignant politically charged lyrics, dark soulful R&B rhythms, electronic flourishes, and trip hop breakbeats.

  35. Play

    Émile Bilodeau

    NAC Fourth Stage

    A Granby Song Festival finalist and multiple prize-winner, Émile Bilodeau, with the solid backing of his band, will perform songs from his first album Rites de passage with the infectious pride, cheeky charisma and irresistible candour that are his hallmark.

  36. Play

    Good Lovelies Christmas Concert

    Babs Asper Theatre

    The Good Lovelies return with their immensely popular Christmas show again this year to bring joy and good cheer into your holiday season. Sure to be a sell-out!

  37. Play

    Cécile Doo-Kingué Trio

    NAC Fourth Stage

    An exceptional stage presence, guitarist/singer-songwriter Cécile Doo-Kingué blends blues, afro-roots and soul to create a unique sound. Powerful and raw with an exceptional stage presence, she is a force of nature whose lyrics and sound make for an enthralling and intimate experience.

  38. Play

    Celebrate the holidays with one of Canada’s best-loved performers! 

  39. Play

    10 Strings and a Goat Skin

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Members of Ten Strings And A Goat Skin, a bilingual band hailing from Prince Edward Island, recent winners of the 2015 East Coast Music Association's award for World Music Recording of the Year, multiple nominees for the 2013 Canadian Folk Music Awards, East Coast Music Awards and Music PEI Awards, are having the time of their lives as a trad/folk/fusion trio. 

  40. Play

    Kevin Parent

    Azrieli Studio

    Kevin Parent, armed with his guitars, will interpret songs from his latest album Kanji, plus a few of his biggest hits — edgy songs that come straight from the heart. The audience is sure to enjoy a spirited, emotional and heartwarming show!

  41. Play

    David Francey

    Azrieli Studio

    David Francey is a Scottish-born Canadian carpenter-turned-songwriter, who has become known as “one of Canada’s most revered folk poets and singers” (Toronto Star). In concert, David is a singer and a storyteller. His wry humour and astute observations combined with his openhearted singing style have earned him a loyal following.

  42. Play

    Emie R Roussel Trio

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Winner of the Félix at l'ADISQ for the 2015 jazz album of the year, (Quantum), and the 2013-14 Opus prize for jazz album of the year (TRANSIT), the Emie R Roussel Trio is now an unstoppable force in the current Canadian jazz scene.

  43. Play

    Diana Krall

    Turn Up The Quiet World Tour

    NAC Southam Hall

    Multiple GRAMMY® Award-winning jazz pianist and world-renowned singer, Diana Krall will appear on the NAC Presents series on her upcoming 2017-2018 World Tour in support of the highly anticipated new album Turn Up The Quiet.

  44. Play

    Irish Mythen

    NAC Fourth Stage

    True power inspires awe, and Irish Mythen packs a lot of it – lyrical, musical, and personal – into a relatively small frame. Mythen is a globetrotting troubadour – an Irish-born, contemporary Canadian folk artist who’s been amassing accolades and achievements across several continents over the years.

  45. Play

    Pony Girl

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Pony Girl masterfully explore the tension between what we want and what we have on their sophomore album Foreign Life. Pascal Huot and Yolande Laroche’s alluring harmony is our paradox as we struggle to close the distance.

  46. Play

    Miguel de Armas

    NAC Fourth Stage

    From Cuba to Canada, the musical stylings of Miguel de Armas are nothing short of brilliant. The Havana-born pianist has recorded over 60 albums and collaborated with an array of Cuban legends. In 1988, he co-founded NG La Banda, a group single-handedly responsible for creating the Cuban salsa offshoot called Timba.

  47. Play

    Leonard Sumner

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Leonard Sumner is an Anishinaabe MC/Singer/Songwriter from the Little Saskatchewan First Nation (Manitoba). He provides perspective from a voice often unheard and over-looked in the traditional music communities: truthful, insightful, and providing a new sound straight from ‘the Rez’.

  48. Play

    Rebecca Noelle

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Blessed with a searing three octave vocal range, Rebecca Noelle has had the privilege and versatility to try her hand at just about every musical style she wanted to over the years. But it’s her natural affinity for soul, that has set this stunning singer apart. 

  49. Play


    NAC Fourth Stage

    A multi-instrumentalist with a flair for songwriting, Samuele presents intimate, socially aware poems in a folk-rock style, with a heavy dose of blues. Whether performing on the guitar accompanied by her musicians, or just on her own as a one-woman orchestra, Samuele offers disarmingly honest shows that skilfully blend song and the spoken word.

  50. Play

    Her Harbour

    NAC Fourth Stage

    Her Harbour is the moniker of Montreal born, Ottawa based singer-songwriter Gabrielle Giguère. Employing autoharp and piano as her primary instruments of accompaniment, Giguère crafts deeply personal songs driven by her evocative voice and use of silence and rhythmic space.

  51. Play

    Skydiggers Christmas Concert

    Azrieli Studio

    Join us for a heart-warming Christmas concert with one of Canada’s most beloved rock-roots bands!

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