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Peter Hinton is the Artistic Director of English Theatre at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Considered one of Canada’s finest stage directors, Peter has had a twenty year career as a playwright, dramaturge and tireless champion of Canadian theatre. In each podcast episode we hope to take you into the intimate world of the artists and creative minds behind the productions on stage.

About the host

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  • Peter Hinton on 2009-2010 Season

    English Jun 02, 2009 33:05

    NAC English Theatre Artist Director Peter Hinton is interviewed by the NAC's Sean Fitzpatrick on the upcoming 2009-2010 season.

  • Celebrity Speakers: Robert Lepage

    English Apr 08, 2009 1:06:26

    Robert Lepage, multiple award winner and internationally acclaimed director, scenic artist, playwright, actor and film director talks with Laurie Brown.

  • The Blue Dragon with Menno Plukker

    English Mar 28, 2009 34:00

    Peter chats with Menno Plukker, Associate Producer for The Blue Dragon by Marie Michaud and Robert Lepage, about the process of the production, the history behind touring, and how Canadian...

  • “Tshepang” with Maurice Podrey

    English Mar 14, 2009 28:53

    Sean Fitzpatrick chats with Maurice Podbrey, Producer for Lara Foot-Newton's Tshepang, about the history of the production, how the production has been viewed throughout the countries it has played and...

  • Celebrity Speakers: Graham Greene

    English Mar 07, 2009 1:09:50

    Graham Greene, Academy Award-nominated actor (Dances with Wolves,) joins Laurie Brown to talk about his prestigious stage and film career.

  • Patricia Hamilton

    English Jan 31, 2009 36:59

    Peter chats with Patricia Hamilton, famous for her stage work at the Shaw Festival and TV productions such as Road to Avonlea, for a discussion on her career as an...

  • Celebrity Speakers: Jackie Maxwell

    English Jan 26, 2009 24:35

    Jackie Maxwell, director, dramaturg and Artistic Director of the Shaw Festival speaks with Laurie Brown in the second National Arts Centre English Theatre 2008-09 Celebrity Speakers Series about her career,...

  • Buried Child

    English Jan 10, 2009 28:30

    Peter chats with Buried Child Set and Costume Designer Eo Sharp, Lighting Designer Robert Thomson and Sound Designer Troy Slocum for a discussion on the working progress on their design,...

  • Celebrity Speakers: Paul Gross (repeat)

    English Nov 13, 2008 1:00:00

    To mark the second anniversary of the NAC's Celebrity Speakers series, here is an encore presentation of the inaugural edition with very special guest, Paul Gross and host, Laurie Brown. Known...

  • Celebrity Speakers: Peter Hinton

    English Oct 22, 2008 59:08

    Peter Hinton, Artistic Director of the NAC English Theatre, chats with Laurie Brown about the 2008-09 season, and about his career as a director and playwright.

  • Leah Cherniak

    English Oct 15, 2008 30:00

    Peter speaks with Leah Cherniak, the Co-Artistic Director (with Martha Ross) of Theatre Columbus in Toronto. The company has created over 30 new plays and also has an excellent reputation...

  • Happy Days

    English Sep 12, 2008 13:08

    Happy Days, written in 1961, is Beckett's last full-length drama and follows in the tradition of earlier work casting a crystal clear and almost affectionate gaze upon man’s (in this...

  • Alison Lawrence

    English May 02, 2008 41:40

    Laura Denker interviews Alison Lawrence on the subject of her play "And All for Love". Set in 1660, following the restoration of the monarchy, And All for Love is a...

  • Rick Chafe

    English Mar 26, 2008 43:00

    Peter Hinton is in conversation with Rick Chafe on the subject of his play, Shakespeare's Dog. Hooker is a dog with a gift for sniffing out "soul". When his master, the...

  • Yvette Nolan

    English Feb 27, 2008 36:00

    Peter Hinton in conversation with Yvette Nolann Shakespeare’s tale of Julius Caesar is unearthed … this time on native ground. "We struggle to find some kind of self-government, to achieve...