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The Strange Case of Antonio Salieri with author Ian Kyer (free ebook included)

Apr 08, 2013 45:38

Antonio Salieri was a successful composer, who wrote about forty operas; he was an excellent teacher, whose students included Beethoven, Schubert and Liszt, and he was, for a time, the most powerful musician at the Vienna court of the Habsburgs. He lived from 1750-1825 – not bad going if you think of Mozart, Schubert, Chopin and Mendelssohn, all of whom died young, but not so impressive if you consider the enduring fame of the composers who lived only half as long. Salieri, if he is remembered at all nowadays, is best known for his association with Mozart, and, most especially, as a suspect in Mozart’s death.

In this edition of the NACOcast, Nick talks to Ian Kyer, whose book on Salieri shows that the oft-maligned composer deserves a lot more respect! And as a very special bonus for NACOcast listeners, Ian Kyer has graciously allowed us to make available the full text of his novel as a downloadable PDF. Get it here:


Music is this edition of the NACOcast:

Armida: Aria of Armida: "Tremo, dell'idol mio"
Artist: Chen Reiss, L'arte Del Mondo, Werner Ehrhardt
Album: Liasions
Composer: Antonio Salieri

La Fiera Di Venezia - Vi Sono Sposa E Amante
Artist: Cecilia Bartoli; Adám Fischer: Orchestra Of The Age Of Enlightenment
Album: The Salieri Album
Composer: Antonio Salieri

Les Danaïdes - Act 2: Par Les Larmes Dont Votre Fille
Artist: Mojca Erdmann; Andrea Marcon: La Cetra
Album: Mozart's Garden
Composer: Antonio Salieri