Carrefour Composer Remy Siu

Dec 05, 2019 42:58

In this episode of the NACOcast host Sean Rice (Second clarinet, NAC Orchestra) speaks with Remy Siu Carrefour Composer (2017-2019) about his early interest in film as well as his multi-disciplinary studies at Simon Fraser Univeristy that sparked his love for artist collaboration.

In 2015 in collaboration with Western Front, Remy fused his many interests to create Foxconn Frequency (no.2) — for one visibly Chinese performer. Today his work continues to span chamber music, dance, theatre, installations, and audio-visual work. During his residency with the Canada Council for the Arts and the National Arts Centre’s Carrefour Composer program, Remy composed New Notations, a work for two X-box controllers and machine, which will premiere in 2020.