Meetings and Events at the National Arts Centre

Who will be managing my wedding details? Can I meet them?

Upon booking, an event coordinator will be assigned to handle all the details involved in the planning and execution of your special day. Your event coordinator will contact you to book a meeting on the phone or in person to begin preparations.

Does the National Arts Centre host ceremonies?

We would be delighted to host your ceremony. Our Le Salon is a magnificent location with a breathtaking chandelier and skylight. We can host ceremonies up to 150 people. For those of you wanting an outdoor ceremony, we charge $4.00 per chair setup.
Note; All ceremonies at the NAC must be accompanied by a reception.

When is my menu selection required?

We suggest you provide the event coordinator with your menu selection a minimum of 30 days prior to your wedding date. Please note that the selection must be the same for all guests with the exception of special dietary restrictions or vegetarian requests. An option of having a second main course is available at a $4 surcharge per person. This option is subject to having the final numbers prior to the event from each guest. Please note that ordering tableside the day of the wedding is not possible.

Are special meals available?

We are pleased to provide alternate menus for those guests with vegetarian or dietary restrictions. Kindly provide your event coordinator with the names of these guests a minimum of 72 business hours prior to your wedding day.

What items are not included in the wedding package?

The following items are not covered in the wedding package: backdrops, mini lights, colored linens, photographers, entertainment and flowers. We would be pleased to provide you with a list of our preferred wedding suppliers.

What are SOCAN fees?

SOCAN fees allow you to play copyright-protected music at your wedding. Fees are as follows:

RoomsNo DancingDancing
Salon $29.56 $59.17
Fountain Room $29.56 $59.17
Panorama Room $61.69 $123.38
Rooftop Terrace Tent $61.69 $123.38
le café $61.69 $123.38

What are the percentages for the service charge and tax?

The service charge is 15 % and please note that food, beverage and room rental prices are subject to 15% service charge and 13% HST before tax.

Do you charge for beverage service?

There is a minimum revenue requirement of $400 per bar, otherwise a bartender labour charge of $100 per bar is applicable. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are charged upon consumption.

Can I come in and set up the night before my wedding date?

We cannot guarantee access to your room the night before unless you rent it over two nights. Room rental is subject to availability.

When can I get access to my room on the day of my wedding?

Your room is available to you 2 hours prior to the event, earlier than this is subject to the Banquet manager’s discretion and availability.

Are there any restrictions on smoke and fog machines, open flames, rice, table sparkles or rose petal tossing?

Smoke and fog machines, open flames, rice, table sparkles or rose petal tossing are strictly forbidden at the NAC.

Is there parking available at NAC?

Yes. Parking is available in the NAC’s secure, climate-controlled underground garage, located in the building itself. Here is a listing of rates (tax included):

  • Enter before 4 p.m. – $3 per half hour ($17 maximum)
  • Enter after 4 p.m. – $3 per half hour ($11 maximum)
  • 24-hour period – $3 per half hour ($20 maximum)
  • Weekend rates – $3 per half hour ($11 maximum)
  • Meter rate – $1 per 10 minute period

Does NAC provide a written contract and guarantee?

Yes. You will receive a contract for your review and signature upon confirmation of your wedding.

When is the final head count required?

Seventy-two (72) business hours prior to your wedding day.

Is there a minimum number of guests required for a package?

Our wedding packages are available for groups of 75 persons or more. For groups between 40-74 guests, a $10 surcharge per person is applicable.

What happens if I have to cancel?

A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required upon signing the event contract. Clients are required to pay 50 percent of their total expected food & beverage bill in the 3 months to 7 day period prior to the event, and pay 100 percent of their total expected food & beverage bill in the 7 days prior to the event.

Is there a room rental charge?

Le Salon and Fountain Room: $800 Reduces by 50% when your event exceeds $3,000 * Reduces by 25% when your event exceeds $1,500 *

Panorama Room: $1,000 Reduces by 50% when your event exceeds $5,000 * Reduces by 25% when your event exceeds $2,500 *

Rooftop Terrace Tent: $1,500 Ω

le café: $1500 Ω

Main Foyer: $2,000 Ω

Ω There is no reduction in these rental fees
* Qualifies only with food prior to taxes and gratuities

Is there a minimum number of guests for specific event spaces?

Your meeting and event coordinator will be pleased to discuss this with you in further detail. Here is additional information about each of the spaces:

A glittering chandelier and dazzling skylight create an elegant atmosphere highly conducive to private dinners or pre-performance receptions. The Salon is available for weddings of up to 100 people this would include a dance floor. Should you wish we can accommodate this room for ceremonies for up to 150 guests for a nominal fee.

Panorama Room
Your sense of awe will be thoroughly aroused as you climb the grand staircase to the Panorama Room. Overlooking the Main Lobby on one side, its other side opens up to a breathtaking view of the Rideau Canal. The Panorama room is available for weddings of up to 250 people, including a dance floor.

Fountain Room
A two-storey fountain elegantly ascends through the floor of the reception area while the main room extends to a terrace overlooking the Rideau Canal. The Fountain room is available for weddings of up to 100 people, including a dance floor.

Rooftop Terrace Tent
The dramatic, seasonal backdrop of Parliament Hill, the Gatineau Hills and the Rideau Canal ensures this attractive space will add more impact to your event and please your guests. The Rooftop terrace tent is available from June to August for weddings of up to 300 people, including a dance floor.

le café
Holding your celebration in le café, the NAC’s renowned restaurant is a brilliant twist! We invite you to make a private booking in our gorgeous dining room, available for weddings with up to 150 guests and including a dance floor. The minimum food and beverage revenue required is $10,000 excluding taxes. Please note le café is available only when there are no performances at the NAC. Availability is confirmed at least five months in advance to avoid performance scheduling conflicts.