May 20, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Live RushTM?

    The Live Rush program offers $15 last-minute tickets for anyone between the ages of 13 and 29 to most music, theatre and dance performances at the National Arts Centre.

  • Who’s eligible for $15 Live Rush Tickets?

    Anybody between the ages of 13 and 29 (you must have valid ID to prove your age to use your tickets).

    Arts educators are also eligible if they:

    • teach students ages 13-29
    • teach in the subject areas of the arts, literature, languages or social sciences

    We ask that you consider your access to the Live Rush™ Arts Educator program as a way for you to be an ambassador for the NAC's Live Rush™ program and encourage your students, wherever possible, to participate in Live Rush™.

    To use the program, simply purchase tickets either online by or in person at the NAC. Please bring proof of teaching to the Box Office to purchase.

    The following are accepted forms of proof of teaching:

    • Employee ID card from a junior high or high school
    • a letter from the school of employment
    • a contract from the school of employment
    • a job description from the school of employment
    • Business card with proof of employment as arts teacher
  • How do I find out which NAC shows are Live RushTM eligible?

    Live Rush™ tickets are generally available for all NAC Orchestra, NAC English and French Theatre, NAC Dance productions as well as productions by the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra. There may be exceptions to this rule. Variety productions such as rock, pop, comedy and Broadway productions, and shows on the NAC Presents series are generally not eligible for the Live Rush™ program but you should always check just in case. Check our events list for full details on Live Rush™ eligible shows.

  • When and where can I purchase tickets?

    Live Rush™ tickets are available for most NAC Dance, Theatre, and Music performances as of 10 am the day of the performance until show time online or in person at the NAC Box Office.

    Live Rush™ tickets are also available by calling Ticketmaster at 1 888-991-2787 (subject to order processing fee).

  • When can I pick up tickets I purchased online?

    Tickets purchased online will be sent by email.

  • Will there always be Live RushTM tickets available for every show?

    Sadly, no. It’s possible that there will be limited or no ticket availability for the show you may be interested in. But you can always keep checking back to see if something changes during the Live Rush window.

  • How many Live RushTM tickets can I buy?

    You may purchase up to 2 Live Rush™ tickets per performance. One ticket must be used by the 13-29-year-old buying Live Rush™ tickets, the second ticket may be used by a guest (anyone of any age) when accompanied by the person who bought the tickets.

  • Does my guest have to be 13-29?

    No. Your guest may be anyone of any age.

  • Is it possible to purchase more than two Live RushTM tickets seated together?

    Each person buying Live Rush™ tickets is entitled to purchase a maximum of two. If you’d like to sit with another person buying two Live Rush tickets use the Interactive Seat Map on together to purchase seats nearby. You may alternately come to the NAC Box Office together to discuss your seating preferences with the customer services representative. As always, anyone buying Live Rush tickets will have to provide a valid ID.

  • Do I have to sit in a certain section of the hall?

    No, typically all tickets are available on Live Rush as of 10 am on the day of the performance until show time. Some performances may have some seating restrictions for Live Rush™.

  • Do I have to have a credit card to buy tickets?

    A credit card is required to purchase Live Rush™ tickets online. If you visit the NAC Box Office in person, you can pay with cash, credit card or debit card.