J’aime Hydro

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J'aime Hydro
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Francophone Theatre Drama Comedy
Are we still masters in our own house?
  • Written by Christine Beaulieu
  • Dramaturg Annabel Soutar
  • Directed by Philippe Cyr

In recognition and thanks for invaluable donor support, NAC French Theatre reserves a limited number of complimentary seats for designated opening night performances. Often, a member of the production’s artistic team gives insights into the creative process and invites questions from donors before the evening’s performance.

On a mission from documentary theatre company Porte Parole, Christine Beaulieu launched herself heart and soul—despite her self-doubts and the complexity of the subject—into an investigation of Quebecers’ relationship with Hydro-Québec. The resulting saga is as instructive as it is captivating.

Christine Beaulieu was living and working as an actor ... until Annabel Soutar, with her 20 years of documentary theatre experience, persuaded her to embark on a massive investigation. In the course of conducting dozens of interviews—with subjects ranging from activists to the new CEO of Hydro-Québec (and recently, Quebec premier François Legault)—, sifting through reports, attending public hearings, and doing research in the field, Beaulieu undertook an extraordinary civic initiative.

Thanks to her honesty, friendliness, and willingness to understand, she collected some amazing answers. In five episodes in which she performs as herself (alongside Mathieu Gosselin, who plays 28 characters), she links the political and the personal, statistics and humour, romantic love and self-deprecation.

J’aime Hydro, Christine Beaulieu’s first play, has toured extensively, and earned her the Michel-Tremblay Award and the award for Best Montreal Production of the Year presented by the Association québécoise des critiques de théâtre.

Performance is approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes including intermission


  • Christine Beaulieu ©Julie Artacho
    Written by Christine Beaulieu
  • Annabel Soutar ©Vivian Dohan
    Dramaturg Annabel Soutar
  • Philippe Cyr ©Julie Artacho
    Directed by Philippe Cyr
  • Mathieu Gosselin ©Ulysse del Drago
    Actor Mathieu Gosselin
  • Mathieu Doyon ©Jean-François Brière
    Actor, Sound design Mathieu Doyon
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  • Written by Christine Beaulieu
  • Dramaturg Annabel Soutar
  • Directed by Philippe Cyr
  • With Christine Beaulieu, Mathieu Gosselin and Mathieu Doyon
  • Assistant director and stage manager Martine Richard
  • Illustrations Mathilde Corbeil
  • Sets Odile Gamache
  • Lighting Erwann Bernard
  • Sound design Mathieu Doyon
  • Soundscape and scoring Frédéric Auger
  • Costumes Julie Breton
  • Video HUB Studio / Gonzalo Soldi
  • Video technician Guillaume Arseneault
  • Technical director Normand Vincent
  • Technical director, touring Jean Duchesneau
  • Produced by Porte Parole and Champ gauche
  • Coproduced by Festival TransAmériques (Episodes 1 to 3)