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Composition, Improvisation and Piano

NACO Mentorship Artist Talks

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  • NAC Orchestra

  Jun 6, 2022 - 7 PM EST

Join NACO principal bassoonist Christopher Millard as he engages with Gabriela Montero and Stewart Goodyear in conversation about their common passions: composition, improvisation, piano-playing, and balancing performing the great works versus their own works.

Gabriela Montero made her formal debut as a composer with Ex Patria, a tone poem designed to illustrate and protest Venezuela’s descent into lawlessness, corruption, and violence. A Venezuelan pianist, she is known for her real-time improvisation of complex musical pieces on themes suggested by her audience.

Stewart Goodyear is an accomplished concert pianist, improviser, and composer. He has performed with and been commissioned by many of the major orchestras and chamber music organizations around the world.

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