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Shawnee's Playlist

with the NAC Orchestra

Music Singer/Songwriter Pop Rock Folk
  • NAC Orchestra

  Nov 11, 2021 - 8 PM EST   90 minutes with no intermission.

The National Arts Centre Orchestra is delighted to introduce NACO Playlist, a series of concerts curated by special guest artists and members of NACO, who share their most-loved classical music playlists with you.  This wonderful series is an ideal initiation for younger audiences into the world of orchestral music.

Powerful Indigenous singer-songwriter Shawnee Kish and the NAC Orchestra present an evening of music and conversation that explores and reflects the potent idea of music as medicine. Using music to manage and survive as a child, Shawnee ultimately discovered its healing power. Elgar’s divine “Nimrod” and selections from Ravel’s beautiful Mother Goose Suite and Brahms’s Symphony No. 3, are lovingly interwoven with her own original songs, including “Warrior Heart” and “Way Home” – featured in NACO’s UNDISRUPTED series.

Curated with Alexander Shelley, Shawnee’s Playlist begins gently and builds to a powerful, magical end, underscoring the ways we use music to heal and guide us, and connect us when we need it most.


  • Featuring Shawnee Kish
  • Featuring NAC Orchestra

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