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Sombre divan_presentation of the work

Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario and Petit Théâtre du Vieux Noranda, Ontario 

Francophone Theatre
  • Zones Théâtrales

  Sep 18, 2021 - 2 PM EDT


A gigantic couch intersects the lives of three characters, in a fragmented, almost elusive space-time. Three characters meet there: Zac and Beckie, a couple torn between cynical disillusionment and whole-hearted political commitment, and their friend Cass, who crashes there for only one night, between two trips. It’s Cass, whose mind is plagued by end-of-the-world anxieties, who suddenly disappears. And in the cracks of the couch, only the bitter taste of betrayal remains. 

Part installation part play, Sombre divan centres on a huge couch where all the action takes place. Playwright Michel  Ouellette opted for a literal interpretation of his initial inspiration: the image of an oversized couch, which gradually took shape both inside and outside the rehearsal room. A  camera captures the creators’ slightest gestures; bodies in movement converge there, exploring all its possibilities.  

  • Written by Michel Ouellette
  • Creative team Joël Giroux, Michel Laforge, Dillon Orr, Marie-Pierre Proulx, Elsa Simbagoye, Chloé Thériault, Mavric Floquet
  • Set design Marie Pierre Proulx
  • Artistic consultant Dillon Orr
  • Music Michel Laforge