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La petite sirène

Kleine compagnie, British Colombia

Francophone Family programming Theatre Youth Children
  • Arts Alive
  • Zones Théâtrales

  Sep 16, 2021 - 3 PM EDT


Revisit Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale in a feminist light. 

In the depths of the ocean, the Little Mermaid, the Sea King’s youngest daughter, dreams of only one thing: discovering the terrestrial world, despite her family forbidding it. Secretly, she calls upon the sea witch, who alone has the power to grant such a wish. However, the young mermaid will have to make a great sacrifice to experience life on land. Will she be able to find her place among humans and leave her roots behind? 

Blending object theatre, shadow play, video, dance and music, Kleine compagnie cleverly updates the story of the Little Mermaid and skilfully underlines the desire for independence of its protagonist, trapped in a world that refuses to change. 

Recommended for ages 7 and up 

  • Concept Anaïs Pellin 
  • Based on the tale by Hans Christian Andersen 
  • With Ghislaine Doté,  Anaïs Pellin
  • Collaboration in direction and dramaturgy Mika Laulainen, Chloe Ziner  
  • Music Patrick Boudreau 
  • Stage management Heather Barr
  • Collaboration in technical direction Jeremy Baxter
  • Collaboration in stage design and props Annie Lefebvre