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La vitesse des femmes sauvages 

Théâtre Catapulte, Ontario 

Francophone Theatre Talks
  • Zones Théâtrales

  Sep 17, 2021 - 3 PM EDT


On the one hand, there is a demand for action, and on the other, a feminine desire that clashes with the shame deeply rooted in the social construct of women. This project proposes a meeting between Jessa  Crispin’s feminist manifesto Why I  Am Not a Feminist and the album La  vitesse des chats sauvages, by the Hull-based indie post-rock quartet J’envoie. 

An artistic shock and a questioning of both form and content. 

How do you convey Crispin’s direct speech and sharp criticism without turning it into a lecture? How do you get away from academic thinking and bring this manifesto to life? Can the soundscape of La  vitesse des chats sauvages make it possible to extract the sensory and sensitive content of Crispin’s text and turn it into stage material? 

Danielle Le Saux-Farmer and Lissa  Léger present their creative process at the intersection of forms. 

  • Creative team Danielle Le Saux-Farmer, Lissa Léger