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Bande de bouffons

Théâtre du Tandem, Quebec 

Francophone Theatre
  • Zones Théâtrales

  Sep 15 - 24, 2021

Webcast on demand from September 15 to 24

Are we colonizers, colonized, or simply colonists?
Or why not all three at once?
Drawing on the ideology of philosopher Alain  Deneault, Bande de bouffons delves into the confusion of Canadian identity in an investigation that is both grotesque and tragic, inspired by our colonial heritage. Because in the end, apart from language, what really distinguishes the DNA of Franco-Canadians? 

Brace yourself for a scathing look at identity that spares nothing and no one. Confronted with the distorting mirror of this merry band, you can bet that all your biases will be quickly exposed. 

The Théâtre du Tandem lays into the social fabric and its colonial ramifications in the finest clown tradition, with its grotesque characters with ridiculous-looking bodies. A hilarious tour of Canadian clichés that doesn’t hesitate to take potshots at the Francophone notion of the minority. 

  • Written by Jean-Philippe Lehoux 
  • Directed by Jacques Laroche 
  • With Valérie Boutin, Stéphane Franche, Guillaume Tellier, Catherine Larochelle, Jean-François Nadeau 
  • Costumes and set design Érica Schmitz 
  • Music René Lussier 
  • Lighting and video Thomas Payette, Gaspard Philippe 
  • Assistant director Antonia Leney-Granger 
  • Production manager Andrée-Anne Garneau 
  • Artistic director Hélène Bacquet 
  • Technical director Dominic Dubé 
  • Stage manager Joëlle Leblanc