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Body Beats © Antoine Saito

Natural Pulses

Body Beats workshop

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Body Beats © Antoine Saito
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This workshop is the first in a series of five musical creation workshops in a virtual format that prepare audiences for the concerts Giggle and Stomp! (ages 4-6) and The Beginnings of Bing Bang (ages 7-12).

Natural Pulses - Discover parts of our body that make rhythm like a drum: the heart, the breath, the steps...

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

Purchases for the April 11 workshop must be made by noon on Friday, April 9. 


Virtual Musical Adventures for Young Audiences: BODY BEATS

The NAC Orchestra is pleased to offer a series of virtual workshops and concerts that will allow your child to discover the exciting world of percussion.

The entire body is a musical instrument! Through the sheer pleasure of movement, your child will discover the rich world of body percussion and the various associated musical styles. Their introduction to flamenco, Irish dancing, beat boxing, and gumboot will be filled with energy and fun.

You can choose to join a workshop, a series of workshops, a concert or a little of everything! Note that the workshops and concert are offered English or French and also offered for the 4-6 age range or the 7-12 age range.

Presented in association with Jeunesses Musicales Canada


Additional Terms and Conditions:

The live and interactive aspects of this series may involve low-impact or minor stationary physical motion such as standing up/down, raising arms, bending over, etc. As a precautionary measure, all participants are required to sign the following waiver form prior to the start of this event.

Using the following link, you can easily sign the required waiver from within your browser - no downloads or sign-ins are necessary on your part. Once you have completed the required fields, be sure to select the “Click to Sign” button that will appear once all required fields have been filled: Waiver | Terms and Conditions 

Please note:

  • If you have registered for multiple workshops in this series, you do not need to sign multiple forms.
  • All participants, regardless of age (i.e. children and/or adults), must be listed within the “Name of Participant(s)” section of the waiver. (I.e. If multiple children from the same household are taking part, the parent/guardian can list each of their names within the “Name of Participant(s)” section)

Approximately 30 minutes long

Body Beats © Antoine Saito


  • Gabriela Iznardo ©Jeunesses Musicales Canada
    Host (English) Gabriela Iznardo
  • Aurélie Négrier ©Jeunesses Musicales Canada
    Host (French) Aurélie Négrier
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  • Creation and Concept Aurélie Négrier
  • Original idea Catherine Messier
  • Musician contributors Gabriela Iznardo, Marton Maderspach, Aurélie Négrier, Bruno Roy