NAC English Theatre Staff

The 2023 Pantone Colour of the Year is Viva Magenta. 2023 also marks my first season as the new Artistic Director of English Theatre. This is a cosmic-level coincidence because Viva Magenta happens to be my favourite colour in the whole universe. It is also the chosen lead colour of our 2023-2024 season.  

Viva Magenta is "a shade rooted in nature descending from the red family and expressive of a new signal of strength." As we relearn to navigate the creation of theatre in an era bruised with fear and caution, Viva Magenta pulses with renewed strength, optimism, and joy. That’s really what this season is all about: expression without restraint.  In the last three years of the pandemic, we have been living in shades of grey. We've been in transition, living in liminal space. I'd like to believe that the stories we have to offer this season will bring a little Viva Magenta into our lives… along with all the other colours we've been so hungry for.  I see this season as a reminder that the spectrum of life, like colours, is limitless. Our line-up urges us to immerse ourselves in all the beautiful hues, tones, and highlights that we’ve missed over the last few years.   

The 2023-2024 season may be launched by Viva Magenta, but it is certainly fueled by all the other colours. My inaugural season is a collection of curiosities, perspectives, real and imagined histories, and possible futures. While it can’t encompass everything about Canada and the world that we want to show our audiences, the vision for this season is a human experience, a Canadian experience, all seen through a kaleidoscope.   

This is only the beginning of what I hope to be a fruitful, prismatic journey full of the complementary and the contrasting, the boldest colours, most vibrant hues, and every shade in between.  

Come and join us this season. In full colour.  

Nina Lee Aquino, NAC English Theatre Artistic Director 

Thank you to the Friends of English Theatre for their passion and continued support.