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Oyin Oladejo and Vanessa Sears © Dahlia Katz

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  1. Dramatic and humorous, The Breathing Hole follows a polar bear as he takes the audience on an epic five century journey from a tiny Inuit community in … read more

  2. Twin sisters Anaia and Racine are on a quest for peace. And they are willing to kill for it. Is God Is is a dark, award-winning tragicomedy that channels Tarantino … read more

  3. Based on the iconic novel by Ann-Marie MacDonald, Fall On Your Knees is a sweeping, multigenerational saga set in atmospheric Cape Breton, during a time of roiling … read more

  4. A play with shocking twists and unforgettable characters, our closing installment of Fall On Your Knees is a journey through love, betrayal, the inescapable bonds of … read more

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