We are NAC English Theatre. This is what we do.

NAC English Theatre opened its doors in 1969 with a production of George Ryga’s The Ecstasy of Rita Joe.

Our intention is to make NAC English Theatre as accessible to people, projects and new ideas as possible. Across our entire staff, we attend performances and meet with people whenever time and priorities allow. We make an effort to participate in national festivals and conferences across the country, and whenever possible we are present for the pitching and networking sessions at these events. We travel extensively and are interested in taking in as much as we can of the breadth of work being created in Canada.

Each season we combine in-house productions featuring an ensemble and shows by visiting companies that we present.

As part of a desire to strengthen the existing body of Canadian theatre, and to give meaningful support to the development of new work, NAC English Theatre does not premiere new work on our stages. We engage with new work in development through our Collaborations program.

We want to hear about your projects, but we are primarily interested in getting to know you over time. If you are producing a work that you think might be of interest to us, please let us know well in advance of production.

How to contact us:

If you wish to forward a package to us you can do so by emailing it to Judi Pearl. You can also snail mail a package to us c/o Judi Pearl at: PO Box 1534, Station B, Ottawa ON, K1P 5W1

What helps us:

Short proposals with clear expectations are helpful. Please include all your contact information.

What to expect when you contact us:

Judi Pearl will acknowledge receipt of your proposals. Please follow up with her if you have not received this confirmation. Due to the scope of our work, we cannot guarantee a personal response to all pitch packages. We wish we could! 

Thank you to the Friends of English Theatre for their passion and continued support.