Who We Are: NAC English Theatre Staff

613 947-7000 (toll free: 1-866-850-2787)


Jillian Keiley, Artistic Director
EnglishTheatreAD[at]nac-cna.ca x317

Sarah Garton Stanley, Associate Artistic Director
sarah.stanley[at]nac-cna.ca x539



David Abel, Managing Director
david.abel[at]nac-cna.ca x319

Alexandra (Andy) Lunney, Producer
andy.lunney[at]nac-cna.ca x347

Judi Pearl, Artistic Projects Coordinator
judi.pearl[at]nac-cna.ca x537

Samira (Sam) Rose, Company Manager
samira.rose[at]nac-cna.ca x386

Sue Roy, Senior Administrative Officer
sue.roy[at]nac-cna.ca x316


Marketing and Communications

Sean Fitzpatrick, Communications Officer
sean.fitzpatrick[at]nac-cna.ca x389

Bridget Mooney, Senior Marketing Manager
bridget.mooney[at]nac-cna.ca x533

Bar Clément, Marketing Officer
bar.clement[at]nac-cna.ca x334

Thank you to the Friends of English Theatre for their passion and continued support.