Artist Testimonials

Curated by the participating festivals, these artists give you a window into what makes this region unique and their inspiration for calling it home.

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“I’ve been to many music festivals and this is one of the prettiest – all of the stages have a view of the lake and the sun never sets. I really enjoyed that many of the performers were Indigenous and I was exposed to new kinds of music, some of which were very moving.”

Anastasia Kiva (fan), Folk on the Rocks festival (Yellowknife, YT)

“It doesn’t matter what the genre, the feeling is the same, summing up the spirit of the festival very well. In this remote corner of Canada, it’s all about the music and the community.”

Tim Johnson, Toronto Star

“I looked forward to the time of year Alianait’s top tent would arise. I knew that it meant I would soon be surrounded by an amazing assemble of artists, youth, and people of Iqaluit.”

Tooma Laisa

“It was a great time we all had in Prince George. When we arrived back to Vancouver the band members mentioned to me that they had a great time and that they we well taken care of.”

Artist, Raphael Geronimo, Rumba Calzada