Artist Testimonials

Curated by the participating festivals, these artists give you a window into what makes this region unique and their inspiration for calling it home.

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“The South Country Fair is the family reunion that I want to go to every year. It is where I feel relaxed and at peace with the world. The community, the music and the energy rejuvenate me while I wait for the next year.”

SCF Volunteer

“Best festival ever....great place to hear new artists or the best of the best in folk music. The weekend vibe is amazing.”

Festival Attendee

“I can fully understand how so many people say that it’s their favourite festival!  It’s 100% refreshing and inspiring for a festival to retain the heart of a community coming together in a way that yours does.”

Festival Attendee

“It’s pretty much a given that most everything you stumble upon at the Calgary Folk Music Festival has a certain amount of can’t-miss-it-ness about it — there is quality, there is quantity.”

Mike Bell, Calgary Herald

“I've said it before; I'll say it again - North Country Fair is the best music festival, period.”

Fish Griwkowsky, Edmonton Sun