Artist Testimonials

Curated by the participating festivals, these artists give you a window into what makes this region unique and their inspiration for calling it home.

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“One of Canada’s finest, built from the same time-honoured template as Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver folk festivals. Forty artists, multiple stages. Hosted in a spectacularly beautiful fishing community with an enormous heart.”

Chronicle Herald

“This festival has it all – headliners, local favorites, plenty to eat and drink and do, areas to run and play, and a joyful, convivial atmosphere I've not seen anywhere else… Highly recommended.”

Festival attendee

“Such a high calibre of musical entertainment augmented by friendly and helpful staff, meals conveniently put on near where concerts are taking place and a bus to get you to and from the festival club. Superior service.”

Taylor Debbie

“Where else am I going to see Robert Plant and Sturgil Simpson?”

Festival attendee

“Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival has become a highly sought-out destination for fiddle fans from all over Canada and the world.”

The Buzz