• NAC Southam Hall

    Southam Hall is the largest of our four performing halls, with 2,065 seats, it is the home of the NAC Orchestra and both Dance Series A and the Ballet Series.

    Boxes: 186
    Front Orchestra: 159
    Orchestra: 783
    Parterre: 148
    Mezzanine: 263
    Ampitheatre: 263
    Balcony: 263

    Seating Chart

  • Babs Asper Theatre

    The Babs Asper Theatre has 897 seats, it is home to our English Theatre and French Theatre productions as well as Dance Series B.

    Balcony: 192
    Front Orchestra: 87
    Orchestra: 618

    Seating Chart

  • Azrieli Studio

    Please note that seating for the Azrieli Studio is non-reserved.

  • NAC Fourth Stage

    Please note that seating for the Fourth Stage is non-reserved.