Valentina Zanelli

Last updated: March 3, 2022

Valentina lives between Italy, Dominican Republic and Canada, where she works as consultant for outreach and international relationship for the Dakar Music Expo festival. In Italy she covers the role of Head of Programming for the Artepassante project in Milan and works as consultant for the Eufemia - Social Arts, being in charge of the strategic development and community artistic programming in the town of Turin.

In 2015 she funded her own cultural association called: "CreatiVì Musicali", an organisation aimed at promotion of the artists and the realisation of international tours. His organisation works around the world for connecting cultures and people in the name of equality, anti-racism, collaboration and art in all its forms.

In 2021 she funded "Your Music Manager": an online Academy dedicated to empower independent women musicians and performers, with tailor-made coaching and mentoring programs.

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