Street closures around the NAC during Ottawa Race Weekend
Tyler J. Sloane | Jahmal Nugent
Tkaronto / Toronto, ON

Tyler J. Sloane

As an Anishinaabe (Oji-cree), Chinese, White mixed-race artist, my work emphasizes marginalized voices with an intrinsic intersectional lens and artistic framework. As a trans-racial adoptee growing up in a predominantly white community, my desire to represent the beauty of experiencing racialization and queerness to translate it through; stories, and artistry was inherent. Noticing the marginalization of identities and bodies that are so bountiful around me, my practice focuses on the saturation, vibrancy, intimacy, and playfulness of unique identities and selfhood: Encouraging flirtation, challenge, and activation.

As a multidisciplinary performance artist, my various projects include:
Photography (series: Self In Response to Influence of Violence & Community, Light Our Bodies and Fruit Basket); Visual Art (Installations: Self in Response, Breath On One Land and But When); Community Arts (program: It’s All Queer Pride (2018-2021), Burlesque as Tygr Willy (within collectives; BoylesqueTO, HausBoat, Passion Fruit), and Theatre (plays: Hummingbird, Mx.).