Tsubasa Hori

Last updated: May 10, 2023

Born in Kyoto, Tsubasa Hori started playing Taiko – a typical Japanese drum – at the age of eleven. As a high school student, she immersed herself into the world of Japanese rock. In 2010 she moved to Belgium where she started collaborating with European musicians and became involved in various theatre, dance and fashion related productions. Together with Zonzo Compagnie, she created RoundABOUT #Tsubasa in which the starting point is the Obon dance: a colourful, festive ritual in honour of the ancestors that is celebrated extensively in Japan.  

Apart from the Taiko, Hori uses a number of other instruments with a distinct Japanese flavour, including the Koto (Japanese Harp), Kyujo-orin (modern Japanese bells), the music box, piano and voice. She is highly regarded by the international music community and has performed in over 40 different countries over the course of her career. 

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