Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska

“Future” (Daniel E. Kelley III)

Last updated: January 3, 2024

Sara Marielle Gaup is a traditional and modern north-Sámi juoigi (yoiker) who also works with duodji (Sámi crafts). She is a mother and an activist and has a decolonizing agenda with everything she does. She wears gákti (traditional clothes) every day, and she yoiks/sings daily.

Sara Marielle has been a full-time musician the last 20 years and is one of the most known sámi yoik-artists. She is most known for being the vocalist and composer in the music groups Adjágas and Arvvas. Because of the colonization and christening of Sápmi that led to a severe decrease and almost disappearance of the sámi culture, Sara Marielle`s longstanding project has always been to learn and teach traditional sámi luohti (yoik) in order to keep this endangered tradition alive.

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