Samantha Bitonti

Last updated: May 9, 2024

Samantha is thrilled to be part of the Platypus Theatre team! Combining her love of clown, puppetry, music, and Theatre for Young Audiences, Samantha is eager to bring to life your favourite characters from How the Gimquat Found her Song, Presto, Mambo! and Rhythm in your Rubbish. Samantha calls Montréal home, and loves to spend her days playing Shakespeare with Repercussion Theatre, and cultivating creativity for kids aged 4 to 99 as a drama teacher with Geordie Theatre School. It’s no wonder bringing something classical to the hearts and minds of young people is right up her alley! Asking questions and getting to the heart of a story is what she’s all about: believing firmly that curiosity and connection lead to joy and abundance. Samantha loves acting, singing in the car, her friends and family, her cat Tilly, and ice cream. See you at the theatre!

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