Last updated: January 8, 2024

PORICH is a battle rapper from Whitby, ON. Described by WU Tang's Raekwon the Chef as a "nasty mother," and by battle rap legend Pat Stay as "kinda guy who watches SportsDesk and thinks I could use that". An everyman in every sense, a relatable performer who could have your grandma Harlem shakin down the aisle. A competitor who has seen thrilling victories and agonizing defeats. PORICH has been active since 2001, but known to the Youtube era of rap battles since 2007, when he captured the title as one half of Toronto's 2on2 champion team. PO has since been crowned King of the Dot champion, Capital Rap Battles champion and King of the Dot's 2on2 champion. Battling everywhere from strip club parking lots, house parties, night clubs and parking lots. You have enjoyed a beer with this man before or someone just like him. PO has distinguished himself as a force to be reckoned with, combining scathing insults, cutting commentary and a monumental voice. He was an essential talent in building up the KOTD brand and has since dedicated himself to the Ottawa battle scene. He combined with Capital Rap Battles to bring the culture to the forefront of Ottawa's nightlife. With over 70 catalogued battles, Whitby's finest is a sure shot, guaranteed not miss.

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