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Pooja Grover

Last updated: October 14, 2022

As a professional Intuitive Visual Artist of Indian decsent, Pooja Grover has the passion, desire, and drive to promote and celebrate the visual arts of India. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, Guided Meditation Facilitator, Intuitive Life Coach, and Mindfulness Practitioner, who is passionate about expressing her soul and exploring her inner landscape through art. She truly believes in the healing and transformative powers of art and storytelling, as she aims to utilize these mediums to inspire, awaken, and enlighten those around her.

Mindful Intuitions is her voice; a personal development platform designed for likeminded souls who seek support and guidance on their healing journeys, In a safe, non-judemental environment, she introduces her students and followers to the concept of “Meditation through Art”; connecting artistry to spirituality.

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