Lisa Iwanycki

Last updated: January 4, 2024


Songwriter, Lisa Iwanycki, a renowned songstress from Montreal, has left an indelible mark on the music scene. Notable for her songwriting contributions to Mitsou and TV hits like Bitchin’ Kitchen and Chuck’s Day Off, Lisa's journey evolved after earning her music and literature degree. Leading the feminist pop punk band Creature (Universal Music), she achieved global success with Top 40 Radio chart-toppers. After founding Blood and Glass (Simone Records), her music graced the 'Avant le Crash' series. Lisa's solo career, signed with Sunset Hill Music, beckons listeners into an unplugged realm of precious beauty, exemplified in her debut single, "Imaginary Friend." This poignant track explores the loss of genuine connections in our digital age, imploring us to embrace face-to-face, hand-in-hand interactions.

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