Philippe Lauzier

Last updated: September 21, 2022

Philippe Lauzier has lived in Montreal since his childhood. He is an active musician, improviser, composer, performer and interdisciplinary collaborator. We often see him playing the bass clarinet or the soprano saxophone — composing and producing music using synthesizers, augmented instruments and noises from materials and objects — He has occasionally created sound installations: Pianotissage (2019) — Sept Objets (2018) — Gritty (2014). Having taken part in several tours and residencies in Canada, Europe, USA, Mexico, Chile, Australia and China, he has performed solo and with groups and collectives Sainct Laurens, Motel Hélène, Production Bozzini, Quartetski, Not the Music , Ensemble SuperMusique among others. Philippe is currently a composer and sound designer for films and art projects. He is a part-time music teacher at Collège Jean-Eudes since 2007.

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