May 20, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
Pénélope Bourque | Maxime Côté

Pénélope Bourque

Authoress in resonance

Autrice (authoress) is the title she has resolutely claimed as a feminist statement, the word having been slyly sidelined by the Académie française until the 2019 reform. Pénélope Bourque likes to anchor her dramaturgical practice in her encounters with various communities. For the collective Ce n’était pas du vin, she wrote Iseult & Evaelle – un beau conte d’amour et de mort (2016), in collaboration with teenagers, and Jaunes et rouges brillent les étoiles (2017), in collaboration with senior citizens. In 2018, she joined the exuberantly eclectic team of Lévriers to help create the show’s script. At Joe Jack et John, she oversees the texts and helps with administration. She trained at the National Theatre School of Canada.