Olivia Nowdlak Chislett

Iqaluit · Nunavut

Last updated: September 8, 2023

Olivia Nowdlak Chislett was born and raised in Iqaluit, Nunavut. She has been practicing throat singing for most of her life and teaching it for over 10 years. Olivia sang with the Inuksuk Drum Dancers for five years, during which time she travelled internationally to share Inuit music and culture on stage.

Presently, she teaches at Inuksuk High School where she mentors youth in the Inuksuk Drum Dancers in singing, Inuktitut, and drum dancing. She established her own throat singing club and has been teaching throat singing at the High School for several years. Olivia is a strong advocate for mental health support and sees music and music education as a pathway to creating positive spaces and relationships. She also creates visual art with a preference for illustration and comic creation and has published several of her own comics.

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