École nationale de cirque |

École nationale de cirque (National circus school)

For more than 30 years, the ENC, a school for higher education in arts, after the great schools of music, dance, and theatre, has trained hundreds of artists who have undertaken professional training. The placement rate for graduates averages 95 percent. On the strength of their great versatility and mastery of their chosen discipline, these artists continue to develop their crafts as they perform in the most prestigious venues on all continents.

Internationally renowned for the highest-quality training, the School opens its doors to more than 150 students from around the world. The School’s staff, a dedicated team comprised of more than 80 teachers, lecturers, and artistic advisors, provides students with exceptional resources. These passionate and experienced professionals have all made a mark in their respective fields, which encompass circus, education, sports, and the performing arts, in Canada and beyond. With new facilities that cater to all disciplines while promoting safety, the School provides a unique learning environment.